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About Us

Pitsas Insurances Is A Leading Insurance Agency, Operating In Cyprus Since 1985.

Pitsas Insurances has a hand-picked team of consultants with a wealth of knowledge to help you choose the right policy to meet your specific needs.

Pitsas Insurance handles over 2500 insurance policies throughout its portfolio of products, which include Life, Critical Illness, Motor, House, Business and Health Insurance.


  1. 30 years of experience and constant dynamic presence in the insurance field. The Company is characterised by certainty and credibility.
  2. Competitive premiums, which will certainly surprise you.
  3. Simple and understandable policies, which cover basic needs. We will always be willing to introduce beneficial options and guide you to the optimal decisions according your specific needs and budget constraints.
  4. All the clients are frequently informed with clarity and transparency about updates and changes. High quality service is our standard.
  5. 24 hours service. Decisive and immediate response to any urgent event.

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