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1. Art

In the past decade, our company has sponsored several art events that took place in every town in Cyprus. Since 2015, Pitsas Insurances has been a major sponsor of European and Russian joint ventures that aim in promoting classical music in general, and opera and ballet in particular. With our company’s contribution, world renowned artists from the greatest Russian theatres, Mariinsky and Bolshoi, came to Cyprus for the first time in order to perform well-known plays like The Nutcracker. Our company’s role was also significant in the organisation of classical music performances within the Pafos – European Capital 2017 programme.

2. Sports

In Pitsas Insurances we think that sports are an essential part for a person’s wellbeing, as well as the general development of society. It is particularly important to cultivate an athletic spirit from a young age. Through sports, children learn to not look after their body but to also function within a team and achieve their goals. Pitsas Insurances is a proud sponsor of the football academy Olymbico and it will actively continue to support any effort towards the development of our youth.

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