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1. How can someone get information about our insurance programs?

You can call us during the day on 700 70 500, 26 600 620 or 99 647 767. We are available from 08:00 until 17:00 (Office Hours) or 24 Hours for emergencies. Our experienced staff are always available and willing to help you and answer any questions.

2. How can someone learn about our policies and the relative premiums?

You can always call us as mentioned before. Alternatively you can easily click on our internet page and learn more about our policies. Additionally, you can communicate with us by sending us your name, email and telephone number. Don’t hesitate to ask us about anything, we will respond immediately.

3. How can someone pay their premium?

There are four options: The most common way is with a cheque or cash. But if you want you can authorise your bank to charge your account or credit card.

4. In case someone needs roadside assistance how can they ask for it?

If your vehicle suffers a mechanical failure or in the case of any kind of accident, you can call 800 40 40 at a 24-Hour basis (call is free). Our operatives are eager to provide you with immediate service wherever you are.

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