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If you own a boat, motorboat or any other kind of recreational craft, you should be able to enjoy spending time on it without worrying about unexpected issues. Pitsas Insurances can ensure any occurrence will be dealt with seamlessly and stress-free.

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Insurance offers suitable for your preferences and requirements

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Do you insure boats older than 15 years old?
We are willing to examine every case separately without setting inflexible terms and conditions. Undoubtedly, however, for boats this old, an important factor is the type of the vessel. Usually, it is more difficult to insure old sailing boats due to strong likelihood of an accident. In addition, a recent out of water survey might be required for assessment purposes.
Do you insure boats belonging to permanent residents of Cyprus but which are berthed in foreign marinas?
Yes, we offer coverage in such cases! However, we exclude accidents that might occur during the vessel’s towing outside Cyprus.
Do you offer any discount in case we have other policies with your company?
For our current clients we usually offer up to 10% discount for the insurance of their boats!
Is there a mandatory limit for an insurance against civil liability in Cyprus?
In Cyprus there is no minimum for an insurance against civil liability. We usually offer our current customers coverage of at least 500.000 euros on the basis of regulations set by Greece, which constitutes the main tourist destination of our clients.

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