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With the marine cargo insurance, businessmen transporting goods worldwide by road, rail, sea or air are indemnified if any of the goods are lost or damaged. The marine cargo insurance is necessary to all businesses as it offers more benefits than the goods in transit insurance. Pitsas Insurances provide a variety of products that cover raw materials through to finished goods.
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Damage or loss of goods in transit
Loss of goods due to fire or theft
Incidents relating to the vehicle itself i.e. lorries overturning, road accidents etc.
Loss of goods from Natural disasters
Protection of goods in warehouse storage
Total loss of a package or vessel


Does the insurance cover have a limit?
Generally no but this is up to each insurance company. Limits may depend on the company’s size or on whether there might be a huge pay-out that will cause bankruptcy. However, if you have a “valued policy” section in your insurance policy it means that the cargo’s value is agreed upon when the policy is issued and this value may be based on an average or on the assumption that every cargo has the same or similar value.
In case of a claim, will my premiums increase?
Yes, since this is the case for all insurance policies. However, if you discuss this with your insurance broker when writing up the policy, there might be a way to fix the premium in another way.
What can I do to prevent a claim?
You are most probably already taking all necessary precautions and given that an insurance policy is aiming to protect you from the unpreventable, all you can do is keep accurate logs. This will keep you organized and may prevent a future claim.

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