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Pitsas Insurances has played a leading role in insurance for more than 35 years in Cyprus!

Competitive insurance rates

We offer the most competitive prices! We make it our goal to combine comprehensive coverage with low prices.

Immediate online service

Pitsas Insurances is one of the first insurance companies in Cyprus offering insurance services online.


We are always on our customers’ side. We make sure there is always a quick settlement of claims and limit bureaucracy as much as possible.


Our contracts are tailor-made to suit your needs and those of your family and business.

Comprehensible language

Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our clients based on respect and honesty, so the wording in our contracts aims to always be clear and easily understood.


Pitsas Insurances offers competitive motor insurance packages to suit all drivers and vehicles. Special offers for expatriates on third party coverage from €180!

Latest News


Seven new bills for stiffer traffic penalties

Thousands of euros are spent by Cypriots according to the latest police statistics on fines for road traffic offenses each year. A package of 8 laws passed by the Council of Ministers significantly increases fines for road traffic offenses. The 7 amending bills and the draft Regulations approved by the Cabinet provide an increase in the extra-judicial fine from € 85 to € 300 in case of using a mobile phone while driving, but also for driving without a safety belt or helmet, and the same applies to the violation light signal. [...]


Property Search in Cyprus

Do you have an exciting investment project in Cyprus or an innovative business idea and you want to reach potential investors worldwide? Register your project in the Database of Amazon Consulting and boost its visibility to a large network of international investors! Get funding from investment funds, venture capitals, European subsidies, banking institutions, strategical partners! Our portfolio includes hotels, business centres, shopping malls, student dormitories, theme parks, businesses, start ups, universities, rental businesses. [...]


Financial Institutions Corporate Guard Directors and Officers Liability

The Insurance Covers under this policy are afforded for Claims first made against an Insured during the Policy Period and reported to the Insurer as required by this policy. In consideration of the payment of the premium the Policyholder and the Insurer agree as follows: 1.1 Management Liability The Insurer will: pay to or on behalf of each Insured Person any Loss except to the extent that the Insured Person has been indemnified by the Company for the Loss reimburse the Company for any Loss for which it has indemnified an Insured Person. [...]

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