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10 Reasons to insure Your Life

We all try hard to materialize our dreams, accomplish our aims, create a safe environment for those we love, and achieve a high standard of living. The path to the future and economic success is full of challenges, opportunities, and dangers.

Life insurance is the optimum solution for the protection of your family

Life insurance is the most important insurance program as it ensures sufficient monetary capital to the legitimate heirs in the case of a loss of life. Life insurance is based on the simple idea that with a relatively low amount of money you can ensure there will be substantial capital for your family when you are no longer with them. Additionally, you have the option, at any time, to enhance your family’s security with any financial program you already have (e.g. Pension, Health programs).


1. Preserve the quality of life for your family

You can complete your family’s annual income and potential existing limited services of your social security program.

2. Ensure the future for your children

You can ensure the future for your children without dramatically altering your current expenses. Life insurance will facilitate the financing of your children’s studies and their future professional establishment.

3. Settlement of your loans

You can have your overall liabilities, such as your credit card balance and housing loan, settled. Thus you will be able to secure the financial position of your family by preserving your assets for them when you will not be by their side anymore.

4. Settlement of immediate after-death expenses

Using your life insurance accumulated capital your family will be able to cope with the unexpected and additional economic weight of those difficult times.

5. Provide essential adjustment time for your family after the undesirable event has occurred

Life Insurance Programs relieve your family from their economic obligations, giving sufficient time to psychologically come to terms with the unexpected event. It creates an extended buffering time period in which your family will be able to build its new life and settle any new problems, such as finding a new job, solving residential issues and other problems such as who will take care of the children.

6. Immediate possession of a substantial monetary capital

By regularly paying a relatively small premium, you ensure a high capital fund for your loved ones, which alternatively would have demanded a substantial time of making savings and depriving yourself of essential consuming power.

7. Taxation advantages

The Cost of Life insurance is exempted from the annual taxable income. Additionally, Life Insurance monetary capital is totally untaxable until the amount of 300,000 euro.

8. Protection of your real assets from transfer tax

Life Insurance covers all transfer taxes.

9. Covering your family from an existent and unexpected danger

Remember, that probabilities are out there and an impossible event doesn’t seem as impossible when it happens. Life insurance can shield you from that possibility and if you are risk-averse, you should probably avoid the risk.

10. An act of love and responsibility

The best way to show your beloved persons that you are determined to face any danger, even the most unexpected, in order to protect them

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