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Cyber Attack Coverage

As Robert Mueller (FBI Director 2012) put it: “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be”.

Virtually every business relies on data and computer systems. When these systems experience a virus or other computer attack (cyberattack), a business is at real risk of losing critical information that is essential to daily operations and potentially exposing itself to third party liability. Since data can be sold at extremely high prices in the black market, hackers have strong motivation to hunt after these data.

Statistics show that companies that they were hacked in the past there is possibility 65% to be hacked in the future.

In 2018 the Cyprus Government should have to fully comply with the Personal Data Protection Policies and the newly established institution of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection will be fully activated. This practically means that that during information leakage all companies are obliged to inform not just the Authorities of Data Protection but also all their clients, employees, suppliers  etc. who were directly or indirectly involved in the leakage.

The CAI helps clients prevent and safeguard against sensitive data breaches, computer hacking, employee error and more.

The coverage includes the following categories of expenses:

  • Cost for the assessment of the problem (forensics)
  • Cost of a Crisis Management Expert
  • Cost of informing affected clients.
  • Fines and sanctions against the company
  • Legal Advice.
  • Cost of the negotiator in the cases the hacker requires ransoms
  • Payment of ransoms.  Our company cooperates with the global negotiations expert company NYA International which consists of former army officers and special agents.
  • Cost associated with computer restoration
  • Data recollection, recovery from electronic resources
  • Data recreation from nonelectronic sources
  • Public Relationship (PR) company will help you to rebuild your reputation.
  • Third party liability


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