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Cyprus work permit in 2022. Cyprus work permit requirements

Cyprus work permit

Any non-EU national who wants to live and work in Cyprus has to obtain a Cyprus work permit.

Before obtaining a work permit, travelers must obtain an entry visa suitable for their stay in Cyprus. In this case, those seeking employment must travel on a work visa.

This comprehensive guide will cover everything related to the Cyprus work permit in 2022, including requirements to obtain a work permit Cyprus and how you can apply for it.

Table of contents:

  • Cyprus immigration work permit
  • Work permit in Cyprus for non-EU citizens
  • Cyprus work permit requirements
  • How to get work permit in Cyprus

How to get work permit in Cyprus Non-EU citizens

  1. Initial application with the Cyprus Department of Labour
  2. Application for a work permit to the Civil Registry and Migration Department
  3. Obtain a residence permit
  • Work permit in Cyprus for EU citizens

How to get work permit in Cyprus EU citizens

  1. Apply for a registration certificate
  2. Apply for a social insurance number
  • Cyprus work permit visa fees
  • Employees of international business companies
  1. Shareholders majority
  2. Bank guarantees
  3. Business premises
  4. Certification requirements
  • Employee classification in the case of international companies
  1. Executive directors
  2. Middle management staff
  3. Other support staff
  • Cyprus work permit consultants
  • Cyprus work permit immigration insurance

Cyprus immigration work permit

The Cyprus work permit is also known as the Cyprus immigration work permit. The work permit allows immigrants from outside of the EU to legally live and work in Cyprus.

Work permit in Cyprus for non-EU citizens

Non-EU citizens may work in Cyprus if they have been granted a Cyprus work visa and a Cyprus work permit.

The number of foreign nationals employed in Cyprus largely depends on the availability of Cypriot or EU/EEA nationals deemed qualified to fill the vacancy.

In other words, employees are usually only granted visas if qualified local (Cypriot/EU/EEA) citizens are unavailable. The employer must show evidence it cannot find a local employee fit for the job.

However, certain international business company staff are exempted from this requirement.

The Cypriot government has exempted middle-management staff, executive directors, and other key staffing groups working for international business companies.

Cyprus work permit requirements

A valid Cyprus work permit is a prerequisite for all non-EU foreign nationals wishing to live and work there.

Regarding the requirements for a Cyprus work permit, the availability of suitably qualified nationals is highly important.

That part of the process for getting hired in Cyprus is out of your hands, however, if you are selected as a potential employee, you will need to provide the following.

  • A valid passport (as above)
  • Your work visa Cyprus (within the expiry date)
  • An employment contract based in Cyprus
  • Completed application forms from the employer
  • Temporary residence application form completed and signed (MVIS3)
  • Tax clearance certificate from the employer
  • Details and proof of your accommodation in Cyprus
  • Evidence of your financial savings to cover your living expenses
  • A recent medical certificate to prove you haven’t got certain illnesses such as TB, Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDs, or syphilis (issued within the last 4 months)
  • Certificate of criminal background check (issued within the last 6 months)
  • Medical certificates proving you are in good health
  • Evidence of health insurance. Please see Pitsas Insurances where we can provide you with a free quote.
  • Bank statement confirming the means to pay the application fee
  • Bank guarantee (if required)

Three steps are involved in obtaining a work permit Cyprus as a foreign national.

See below for an in-depth step-by-step guide for obtaining a work permit Cyprus, as carried out by the future employer and staff member.

How to get work permit in Cyprus

How to get work permit in Cyprus Non-EU citizens

1.Initial application with the Cyprus Department of Labour

The initial application process should be begun while the foreign national is still abroad in their home country.

The Cypriot employer must usually submit the following documents to the Cyprus Department of Labour.

  • Application form M58: completed and signed by the employer. Stamped by CDL
  • Application form M64: completed, signed by the employer. Stamped by CDL
  • Copy of passport: expiry date should be at least until the expected employment period.
  • Employment contract: stamped by the necessary commissioners, labor offices, and department of labor.
  • Police checks: original clean criminal record certificate and certified by diplomatic means. Must be translated in English in Cyprus (by PIO, for example)
  • Medical certificates: no older than 4 months, showing negative results for Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS and syphilis. Translated in English as above
  • Bank Guarantee: between €350 to €850 according to the home country. At least 12 months beyond the expected employment period to be valid.
  • Tax clearance: List of the company’s existing and new employees. Tax Clearance Certificate, if necessary, as issued by the Internal Revenue Department
  • Financial statements: the audited financial statements of the previous year, if applicable, including the auditor’s report regarding the company’s viability

In deciding whether the work permit Cyprus is approved and granted, the Department of Labor usually considers several factors, as noted earlier.

2.Application for a work permit to the Civil Registry and Migration Department

Once a recommendation letter has been issued from the Labour Department, employers can then proceed to apply with the CRMD.

The CMRD in Nicosia will issue the work permit for the foreign employee.

The application form and details for the employers can be found here.

It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks after submission for the work permit Cyprus application to be examined. However, it can take up to 6 months.

The approved duration of employment for general work visas is four years. For livestock and agricultural farming the duration is six years.

However, the following employees are exempt from the 4-year limit:

  • Highly skilled personnel employed in companies with a high turnover of hundreds of thousands or millions. The work activities must be within the economic development priorities as set by the Cypriot government.
  • Executive directors, executive staff, middle-management staff, and key staff working in companies with foreign activities (also known as international business companies).
  • Private or team athletes and coaches.
  • Religion based artists and icon painters.

3.Obtain a residence permit

Foreign nationals may obtain residence permits (pink slips) valid for a duration of up to one year, after successfully obtaining a work permit.

It is possible to renew the Cyprus temporary residence permit. The eligibility and duration of the permit renewal depend on the purpose of the permit.

Work permit in Cyprus for EU citizens

Under the EU freedom of movement principle, EU/EEA citizens are allowed to work in Cyprus without a Cyprus work visa and a Cyprus work permit. Additionally, they do not require a Cyprus residence permit to live and travel freely in the country.

EU members from member states have the right to enter Cyprus without having to register upon arrival. They simply have to show a valid EU passport or ID card.

However, EU/EEA nationals still need to apply to work in Cyprus. They need to apply to the Cyprus Department of Labour to receive a “recommendation letter.”

Then, the EU/EEA national’s future employer needs to acquire a work permit for the foreign national through the Civil Registry and Migration Department.

How to get work permit in Cyprus EU citizens

After arriving in Cyprus, if there is an intention to take up employment in the country, the EU/EEA national must follow the steps below.

1.Apply for a Registration Certificate

Eight days after entering Cyprus, this application must be submitted during the first 4-month period. The EU citizen must turn up personally at their local Civil Registry and Migration Department.

This CRMD is located at the local Immigration Branch of the Police in all districts except Nicosia. In Nicosia, a District Migration Office exists which is the main CRMD office.

The applicant has to provide the following documents to the CRMD:

  • A duly completed application form; employed or self-employed.
  • A copy of a valid passport or ID card.
  • Two passport photographs.

NB: when applying for dependants (children younger than 18 years or spouse etc) they must also present certified copies of birth certificates of children and marriage certificate, etc.

2.Apply for a social insurance number

The applicant must apply for a social insurance number upon securing employment in Cyprus. From the date of application, the social insurance registration certificate is issued within 6 months.

The application forms can also be downloaded from the Ministry of Interior.

Cyprus work permit visa fees

The cost of a Cyprus work permit is €20. It usually takes between 4 to 6 weeks for the work permit Cyprus application to be examined. However, it can take up to six months.

A Cyprus temporary residence permit costs €70. You can expect to find out if your residence permit application has been accepted within three months.

However, it can take longer, depending on your specific case.

Employees of international business companies

International business companies certified with the Migration Department can easily hire foreign nationals with the above exemptions. Namely, executive directors, middle-management staff, executive staff, and other key personnel employed by IBC will be hired easily.

To qualify as an international business company, employers have to meet the following criteria.

1.Shareholders majority

The majority of the company’s shareholders must be classified as non-Cypriot to meet these criteria to be approved by the Civil Registry and Migration Department:

a) If the shareholders are other companies, proof of the identity of the ultimate or beneficial shareholders should be provided to the CRMD.

The following companies are exempted:

Public companies registered in any recognized Stock Exchange and International Business Companies operating before the change of regime and for which the Central Bank of Cyprus possesses all the necessary data.

b) Foreign participation should represent an amount of €171,000 or more if their percentage in the share capital of a company is equal to, or below 50%.

c) Applications of companies investing capital below €171,000 (i.e. offering only services) will be examined. The nature of their business will be considered and may not require a higher investment.

2.Bank guarantees

Newly established companies will have to prove that direct foreign capital investments are at least €171,000. The documents will also have to declare that the capital was brought legally into Cyprus from abroad.

3.Business premises

All applying companies cannot be part of a private residence or another office (except if they share tenancy). All businesses must operate from self-contained offices in Cyprus, located in eligible and suitable premises.

Cases will be examined individually if staff work from their homes.

4.Certification requirements

To be certified as an international business company, employers will need to provide the following documents to the Migration Department:

  • Certificate of incorporation: original copy, stamped by the Registrar of Companies.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association: original copy and stamped as above.
  • Certificate of registered office: original copy, stamped as above.
  • Certificate of Directors: as above.
  • Certificate of Shareholders: as above.
  • Business profile: the nature and details of its operations. Including the names, full addresses, passport numbers, and nationalities of the ultimate shareholders.
  • List of the applicants and employees of the company’s personnel.
  • Bank statement: minimum balance of €41,006.
  • Title deeds: contract of sale and purchase or lease agreement. These documents should be submitted to the CRMD within 3 months of the application date if are not available when the application is submitted.
  • Banking proof: documents that prove the direct foreign investment amounts to a minimum of €171,000 from abroad.

Employee classification in the case of international companies

This section covers employee classification for executive directors, middle-management staff, executive staff and other key personnel working in international business companies.

Executive Directors

This classification includes employees who are:

  • Consulting Partners and Directors (registered officially - Registrar of Companies).
  • Departmental managers.
  • General managers.

The maximum number of Executive Directors international companies can employ is generally five personnel.

The company may be allowed to hire more than five EDs if they can justify hiring them.

The minimum income for the newly appointed executive directors is €3,872 per month. Adjustments may be made according to changes and fluctuations in the salary index.

There are zero restrictions on the length of employment of these employees.

Middle management staff, executive staff and key support staff

This classification includes employees who are:

  • Directors who are not considered to be Executive Directors as defined above.
  • Other Executive / middle-management staff or managerial, clerical, or technical personnel with a monthly salary ranging from €1936 to €3871.

The maximum number of employees permitted in this classification is ten employees. Again, adjustments may be made as per fluctuations in the salary index.

The CRMD has the authority to decide if hiring more than ten people would be justifiable. Again, depending on each company’s specific case.

If the company wishes to employ more than the usual maximum number, they need to take the following into consideration:

  • The company´s activities and scope.
  • Foreigners to Cypriots ratios.
  • The length of time the company has been in operation.

There are no restrictions for the residence period of these employees.

Other support staff

This classification includes employees who are:

  • All third-country nationals employed in other positions who do not fall under the abovementioned categories are classified in the remaining supporting staff.

Companies are expected to employ EU citizens or Cypriots for this category. Otherwise, they must prove that no suitably qualified local personnel are available.

A company may employ third-country nationals in other support staff positions following the same procedure as above.

All supporting documents and certificates must be submitted and ensured by the Labour Department.

Cyprus work permit consultants

Our detailed and comprehensive guide may have answered all of your questions, but there is always the option to receive more in-depth expertise regarding legal matters.

Consulting an expert can provide additional advice in regards to acquiring these permits smoothly and swiftly.

Professional advice will give you the peace of mind that everything will go to plan and you do not make any mistakes throughout the process.

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Cyprus work permit immigration insurance

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