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Cyprus work visa in 2023. How do I get a work visa in Cyprus?

Cyprus work visa

Cyprus has the lowest corporate tax in the Eurozone and is one of European Union’s fastest growing economies. Living and working in Cyprus comes with a host of benefits.

If you are a non-EU citizen who wants to work in Cyprus, you must first obtain a Cyprus work visa. Anyone traveling to Cyprus to work has to obtain the legal rights to do so.

We will cover what is required of you to obtain a Cyprus work visa in 2022.

In the following article, we will cover the following topics:

  • Who needs a Cyprus work visa?

  • Can a foreigner get a job in Cyprus?

  • Types of work visas in Cyprus

  • Cyprus work visa requirements

  • What documents are required for Cyprus visa?

  • Cyprus work permit

  • Cyprus work visa price

  • Cyprus work visa fees

  • Cyprus work visa processing time

  • Cyprus work visa online apply

  • Contact information

Who needs a Cyprus work visa?

All non-EU nationals traveling to Cyprus to take up paid employment are subject to a Cyprus work visa.

Any future employees who a company in Cyprus has hired will need to acquire the necessary visas and work permits before moving to Cyprus.

Those exempted from needing a Cyprus work visa are:

  • Citizens of EU member states.
  • Citizens of Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland and Norway (EFTA).

EU nationals will still need to apply for a work permit to live and work legally in Cyprus.

However, EU nationals must apply for the yellow slip, also known as “Registration Certificate for EU Nationals.”

Can a foreigner get a job in Cyprus?

As a non-EU member, it is only possible for you to get a Cyprus work permit if there were no suitable Cypriot candidates (or other EU/EFTA nationals) and your employer can prove that.

Most non-EU workers looking to work in Cyprus find work easier with foreign companies operating in Cyprus.

The work roles eligible for a Cyprus work permit are:

  • Executive Director (annual minimum salary of around €41,000).
  • Middle Management Staff / mid-level managers or technical and clerical staff (annual salary between €21,000 and €40,000).
  • Supporting Staff (including workers not under one of the two categories above) only if no EU candidates were suited for the position.

Types of work visas in Cyprus

Cyprus has a variety of visas available to foreign nationals who plan to travel for specific means. One of these visas is a work visa.

The work visa allows the traveler to enter Cyprus to live and work, however, the visa only grants entry into the country for a limited time.

The work visa itself does not grant permission for foreign nationals to seek employment or to work in Cyprus.

If you travel to Cyprus on a work visa and then seek employment, you will need to obtain a separate visa once you have arrived in the country.

Non-EU citizens will require three separate documents to relocate and work in Cyprus:

  1. Cyprus Work Visa: this allows the traveler to enter Cyprus to work (for a maximum of 90 days)
  2. Cyprus Work Permit: this authorizes the permit holder to work in Cyprus (the employer will request this)
  3. Cyprus Temporary Residence Visa: this is required for any foreign national who plans to live in Cyprus for longer than 3 months (90 days). Lasting for a period of up to 4 years.

Cyprus work visa requirements

The following section contains a breakdown of the different documents you will need to present during the application process.

What documents are required for Cyprus visa?

  • A completed work visa Cyprus application.
  • Copy of a valid passport (minimum one year expiry date after your intended arrival).
  • Certificate of police clearance.
  • Medical clearance certificate to prove you don’t have specific illnesses.
  • Proof of travel health insurance documents.
  • Evidence of adequate financial means to support your living expenses.
  • Contract of employment with a company based in Cyprus, stamped by the Department of Labor.

Cyprus work permit

  • A valid passport (as above).
  • Your work visa Cyprus (within the expiry date).
  • An employment contract based in Cyprus.
  • Completed application forms from the employer.
  • Temporary residence application form completed and signed (MVIS3).
  • Tax clearance certificate from the employer.
  • Details and proof of your accommodation in Cyprus.
  • Evidence of your financial savings to cover your living expenses.
  • A recent medical certificate to prove you haven’t got certain illnesses such as TB, Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDs, or syphilis (issued within the last 4 months).
  • Certificate of criminal background check (issued within the last 6 months).
  • Medical certificates proving you are in good health.
  • Evidence of health insurance. Please see Pitsas Insurances where we can provide you with a free quote.
  • Bank statement confirming the means to pay the application fee.
  • Bank guarantee (if required).

Cyprus work visa price

The cost of a Cyprus work visa is €20.

Cyprus work visa fees

The cost of a Cyprus work permit is a further €20.

A Cyprus temporary residence permit costs €70. You can expect to find out if your residence permit application has been accepted within three months.

However, it can take longer, depending on your specific case.

Cyprus work visa processing time

The processing time for a Cyprus working visa is between 4 to 6 weeks from the time the Migration Department receives all of your documents.

However, in some cases, it can take up to six months.

Cyprus work visa online apply

Foreign employees relocating on a Cyprus working visa will need to know they’re eligible for a work permit first and foremost.

In order to acquire a Cyprus work permit visa, you must first have a work contract with a company based in the country.

Your future employer will be in charge of this process, and it is their responsibility to obtain a work permit on your behalf.

Further to this, the employer needs to provide evidence that there are no eligible candidates in Cyprus. They must also get a letter of recommendation from the Department of Labor.

After obtaining the necessary letter, the employer needs to apply for the Cyprus work permit visa at the official Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD).

After obtaining the Cyprus work permit visa from the CRMD, the employee should apply for a work visa at the embassy or consulate services in their country of residence.

Once the relevant officials issue the visa, the applicant can travel to Cyprus.

The future employee will need to apply for a Cyprus temporary residence permit within 7 days of arriving in the country (a limited timeframe of one week).

At this point, they should visit the local immigration unit, police department, or the CRMD as above. Applicants must then provide their personal details, signature, and biometric data at the appointment.

After obtaining all three of these Cyprus working visa permits, the employee can legally reside and work in Cyprus.

Immigration insurance Cyprus work visa

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