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Group Insurance (FAQ)

When employees need to take time off due to health issues, it may have a major impact on your business. Group Health insurance is designed to help people get back to work as quickly and effectively as possible.

1.What is Group Health Insurance?

Group health insurance provides quality healthcare coverage to the employees in a business or organisation. It is designed specifically around the needs and requirements of employees and covers any hospitalisation expenses they may incur, as well as various other healthcare costs defined in the policy.

2.What are the benefits of providing Group Health insurance to my employees?

Quite simply, it is something employees definitely value. Not only is it a cost-effective way to boost productivity and performance, it may also help your business attract and retain quality employees. On top of that, with access to private healthcare, staff members can get treatment and get back to work more quickly.

3.How many employees do we need to get Group insurance?

With some insurance companies, 2 is enough to get started. The types of plans available, however, may vary according to the size of the business, as most plans usually require a participation of 70% to be valid.

4.Why is Group Insurance more cost-effective than individual health insurance?

The main advantage of a group plan is that it spreads risk across a pool of higher number of people, and this allows the insurer to charge lower premiums. They may also offer supplemental health plans such as dental or vision, separately or as a bundle.

5.Does Group Insurance also cover the families of employees?

This depends on the plan chosen by the employer. Health insurance coverage can be extended to the entire immediate family of the employee and/or other other dependents of group members for an extra cost.


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