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House Insurance (FAQ)

1. I rent the house I live in, do I need the insurance?

Of course you do. We will be happy to offer you insurance for your property, even if it is not yours strictly speaking. Our only criteria are that the objects that you intend to insure must belong to you and, therefore, you have an economic interest that creates the need to protect them. To determine the values and objects to be insured, imagine that in some sort of unrealistic scenario, your house turns upside down. Anything that would fall down as a result of that is the content that you should insure.  

2. What can I do if my house is mortgaged?

Mortgage lenders can ask for home insurance as part of their loan offer. Therefore, if this is your first time getting a secured home loan for the purchase of property, you should immediately get an offer to insure your home. The insurance should cover the cost of replacing the house itself and all the permanent equipment inside it. You have the right to change your insurance company. When you insure with Pitsas Isurance, we handle notifying your previous insurance company of your decision not to renew your existing insurance and send all the necessary documents to your creditors.

3. Is the value of my property determined by me or by the insurance company?

You, as a client, determine the amount for which you want to insure your property under the guidance of an insurance consultant. In this case, the final decision on the amount of the insurance lies solely with you.

4. What items are considered high-risk?

High-risk items are not necessarily the most expensive items in the home. These are the things that are most likely to be stolen in the event of a home burglary. These include jewelry and anything that a thief can get, transfer or sell quickly and easily. Having high-risk items in your home will, however, not automatically translate into higher premiums. Items like antiques, gold, silver, gilded and silver-plated items, works of art, furs, jewelry, paintings should be presented as part of the property with a high level of risk and accompanied by an act containing the information about their assessed value, or purchase receipts, as well as photographs. In this case, the items will have coverage for all the insured risks while they are in the building of the insured house. As for jewelry, it must be kept in a safe so that theft is covered by the insurance.

5. What if the property is damaged?

Contact your insurance company immediately and ask for advice. If this is not possible, follow the instructions on your insurance policy, taking into account the following:

  1. If it is a fire, notify the fire brigade.

  2. If it is malicious damage or theft, call (notify) the police.

Do not attempt to repair any damage or remove any damaged item prior to the inspection and consultation by your insurance company. If you need to make temporary repairs so as not to increase the damage, keep the evidence (photo and video filming, acts of damage assessment, testimony of witnesses, etc.).

It is essential that you work with your insurance company representative or with an expert appointed to verify the damage.

6. What happens after my claim is filed?

Within 12 hours of filing your claim, the appraiser will be required to verify and assess the damage. The assessment report must contain a detailed description and photographs of the damage. The loss description will be converted to a quote that takes into account your Contract limits, depreciation and/or actual costs when the coverage is insufficient to fully rebuild or replace. We will send an appraiser and possibly contractors and/or engineers to you to inspect the property and help determine if your claim is covered under the terms of your Contract.

7. Can I choose a repair company (repairman) myself or do I have to choose a repairman offered by an insurance company when I file a claim under my Contract?

You can choose the repairer you want, even though there are certain advantages to using a repairer of our choice or a repairer that belongs to our network.

If you are not particularly inclined towards a particular repairer, there is a key benefit in choosing a repairman from us. If we are the ones to choose a repairman, we will also be responsible for the quality of the repair and the materials that will be used, and we will handle any complaints about the repairman's schedule and behavior. If you choose your own repairman, then we will not take any responsibility for the quality of the repair or the materials used by him. Then it is you who will have to decide the issue of the repair which did not leave you satisfied or was insufficient. We may allow you to use your own repairer, but each time we will decide on the monetary reward that will be offered to your own or our repairer. If you want to feel as secure as possible, let us choose a repairman.

If you have selected a specific repairman that you know and trust, we can allow you to interact with him in the event that his rates are lower than the repair rates offered by our repairman.

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