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Immigration permit Cyprus in 2022. Cyprus immigration permit

Immigration permit Cyprus

Foreign nationals who want to move abroad to live in Cyprus have to obtain a Cyprus residence permit or a Cyprus immigration permit.

A Cyprus residence permit allows persons traveling to Cyprus to legally reside in the country for longer than a short stay (three months).

Before obtaining the Cyprus residence permit, you must get visa in your country of residence specifying your reason for travel. After this time, and after arriving in Cyprus, you can apply for a residence permit.

You can choose between two types of residence permits:

  • Cyprus Temporary Residence Permit
  • Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit

You can also obtain an immigration permit to get residency in Cyprus. You must fall under one of the following categories A to F.

In this article, we will examine the criteria for each of these categories. 

Cyprus immigration permit

A person can apply for an Immigration Permit Cyprus based on one of the Categories as specified in Regulation 5 of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations.

An immigration permit will only be granted if the Immigration Control Committee recommends that one of these eligibility criteria has been approved to the Minister of Interior.

The categories and the criteria for (A to F) Cyprus Immigration Permits are as follows.

Category A

Category A is for foreign nationals who will work in the agriculture, cattle/bird breeding, or fish culture sectors in Cyprus as self-employed.

Their activities must not negatively affect the Cyprus economy.

They should already have land or a permit to acquire land or the financial means to purchase or own land in Cyprus.

Category B

Category B is for foreign nationals who will work in the mining sector in Cyprus.

They must have sufficient financial means to be self-employed and have a relative work permit.

They will be eligible for category B permits if their work activities do not negatively affect the Cyprus economy.

Category C

Category C is for foreign nationals who will work in a profession or trade as self-employed.

They must have relative work permits and sufficient financial means to start working.

Their work activities should not negatively affect the Cyprus economy.

Category D

Category D is for foreign nationals who will work in a profession in demand in Cyprus, such as a scientific field.

They must work as self-employed and have the necessary qualifications to fulfill the role and adequate financial means.

Category E

Category E is for foreign nationals who have been offered a permanent work position in Cyprus.

They will be eligible for the role if their presence does not cause unnecessary local competition.

Category F

Category F is for foreign nationals who have an independent annual income.

Their financial means should allow them to live comfortably and without having to work in Cyprus (eg. retirees).

These individuals can also apply for the Cyprus Golden Visa

Application process

You can only receive an Immigration Permit Cyprus if you meet one of the categories (A - F) requirements.

If you are eligible for one of the categories mentioned above, the Immigration Control Committee recommends that you meet its requirements to the Minister of Interior.

You can apply directly to the official department for migration, Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD), in Cyprus to apply for a Cyprus immigration permit.

Alternatively, you can apply through an Aliens and Immigration Branch of the Police if you are abroad.

Immigration permit Cyprus insurance

Immigration medical insurance is mandatory for foreign nationals wishing to acquire an immigration permit. 

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