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Insurance for foreign nationals: claims procedure in case of medical expenses

If you are facing any health issue, you may visit the doctor of your choice in any Cypriot private clinic. You will then need to provide our office with the original pertaining documents (invoices, payment receipts, test results, X-ray exam results, doctor’s report etc.) Our office will provide you with a form your doctor will need to fill in (the aforementioned form can also be sent to you through email). This form is for the doctor to analytically write down all the results from his tests. It is also very important that you are able to describe in English precisely what the health issue you faced was and when it originally appeared.

The insurance of foreign nationals is obligatory in the Republic of Cyprus and it contains the exact same terms regardless of which insurance company offers it. Due to its low cost, this insurance policy contains too many exceptions in its terms, and as a result makes it difficult to actually provide compensation to the insured persons. Despite this, it is the only insurance acceptable by the immigration services in Cyprus for those wanting to acquire permanent residence in Cyprus (pink slip, permanent residence status). If you wish to have an insurance better suited to your medical needs, you will probably need to add one of our other medical contracts. For more information regarding our medical insurance options, please visit:


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