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MEU1 in Cyprus in 2023. Yellow Slip in Cyprus.

MEU1 in Cyprus

European nationals must apply for a “Registration Certificate” to live and work legally in Cyprus. This official certificate is called “Yellow Slip.”

Any EU or EEA member state national is considered an EU citizen and eligible to apply for the certificate.

As the name implies, it’s printed on yellow paper and available to all EU citizens who want to extend their stay in Cyprus for specific reasons (working, searching for property, etc.).

European Union nationals and their family members who are also citizens of the European Union must apply with the MEU1 form.

This comprehensive guide will examine the MEU1 and Yellow Slip and explain the certificate application process.

Table of contents

  • Do I need a yellow slip?
  • MEU1 and yellow slip application process
  • Cyprus MEU1 and yellow slip appointment
  • MEU1 and yellow slip requirements
  • Application form MEU1
  • Where to apply for MEU1 and the yellow slip
  • Do I need to renew the yellow slip?
  • Benefits of yellow slip in Cyprus
  • Immigration consultants in Cyprus
  • Immigration medical insurance

Do I need a yellow slip?

You can freely enter, reside and work in Cyprus as an EU or EEA citizen without a temporary short-stay visa for up to three months.

Additionally, you can participate in economic activities without the need to complete paperwork within three months.

Nevertheless, you must obtain a registration certificate (the yellow slip) to stay in Cyprus for over three months.

To do this, you must register your stay at the office called Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD). We cover this process in more detail below.

EU citizens can skip the complicated application procedure like the EU residence permit. The application process is straightforward and typically won’t be rejected.

Entering Cyprus as a citizen of an EU, EEA, or EFTA citizen (i.e., Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland) is usually hassle-free. You can enter Cyprus with your valid passport.

However, if you plan to work in Cyprus, you must apply for the yellow slip with the CRMD.

If you are not planning to work in Cyprus, it is unnecessary and will not prevent you from working there in the long run.

Nevertheless, you must provide evidence that you will not become a financial burden on the Cypriot economy regarding health care and the social system.

In most cases, you must apply with the MEU1 form to apply for the yellow slip.

MEU1 and yellow slip application process

The following sections will cover what documents you must provide to obtain the correct registration certificate in Cyprus.

If you are a non-EU national, you have other requirements before acquiring a work permit. You must obtain a different residency permit in Cyprus called Pink Slip.

Follow this link to read the full details about the pink slip in Cyprus if you are a non-EU citizen.

When should I complete the MEU1 form?

You must apply for a yellow slip with the MEU1 form within four months of arriving in Cyprus.

You’re allowed to take up to four months to apply with the MEU1. However, we recommend starting the application process sooner rather than later.

There are cases when you will need to use your certificate of registration. If you must open a bank account or acquire insurance, you must provide your yellow slip.

You can start working while the MEU1 application is being approved and start working after you have submitted it.

It can take six months to receive your certificate and multiple applications to apply successfully.

To avoid issues when applying, we recommend you follow the step-by-step process in this guide.

Cyprus MEU1 and yellow slip appointment

After you have arrived in Cyprus, it is time to book your MEU1 and yellow slip appointments.

Official representatives can book the submission dates of the applications on your behalf.

However, you must be present when applying (even if they hold a power of attorney).

It is best to book your appointment with the immigration authorities in advance. Ideally, book your appointment one month earlier than the required submission date.

From the date of your entry into Cyprus, the MEU1 form must be submitted within four months.

MEU1 and yellow slip requirements

Once you have booked your appointment, it is time to start preparing the documents.

You can ask the immigration authority employees what you need to bring to your appointment, but things may be missed.

Nevertheless, another appointment will be scheduled if you do not bring all the documents for your first appointment.

Get everything ready in advance to avoid unnecessary hassle.

Each person applying, if your dependents and family members are applying, will also need to bring their supporting documents and complete MEU1 forms.

Family members and dependents who are not EU citizens must complete a MEU2 form (outlined below).

Here is a list of the documents needed for the MEU1 appointment and how to obtain the yellow slip.

Required documents

  • Two passport-sized photos
  • Copy of valid passport with expiry date visible
  • The MEU1 application form (and MEU2 if applicable) duly completed and signed
  • Proof of immigration health insurance (covering body repatriation expenses). For the cheapest immigration health insurance in Cyprus click here
  • Children/s birth certificates duly certified and translated (if applicable)
  • Proof of marriage certificate duly certified and translated (if applicable)
  • Bank statements proving a Cyprus bank account or bank statements from abroad (if applicable)
  • Proof of address. Copy of your rental, apartment, or house sale agreement (the agreement needs to be for 1-year minimum, a stamped copy from the tax office, certified by Muhtar or certifying officer)
  • An employer’s confirmation letter and a payslip (if working abroad)
  • If you are working in Cyprus: 1. Confirmation letter from employer; 2. Social Insurance registration and annual income certificate, 3. The employer needs to sign the form.

NB: If applicable to your application, children/s birth certificates and marriage certificates need to be translated into English and be apostille or certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The certification should occur in the country of issue and by the Cyprus Embassy of that country.

Note: Take two official copies of each document.

Application form MEU1

EU citizens (including dependents) should apply with the MEU1 form. You can find the application form here.

Application form MEU2

Non-EU citizen family members should apply with the MEU2 form.

Processing time

Nicosia’s CRMD issues the registration and will mail the document to the applicant’s address.

The whole procedure can take around 3 to 5 months.

However, the applicant can stay and even re-enter Cyprus (traveling with their application receipt) once they have submitted their application.

Where to apply for MEU1 and the yellow slip

The applicant/s must apply at the Immigration Unit of the city where they live.

If you live in the Nicosia district, you must apply at the official Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD) in Nicosia.

If you are living elsewhere, you must apply at the correct District Immigration Unit in your place of residence.

The applications will be forwarded and examined by the official CRMD in Nicosia.

Application submission location

Each city’s immigration unit address can be found below.

District Address
Nicosia (CRMD) Agamemnonos 6, Engomi, 2411 Nicosia
Limassol  Franklin Roosevelt 223, Zakaki, Building ¨D. Nikolaou¨, 2nd floor, 3046 Limassol
Larnaca Piale Piasha 75, 6027 Larnaca
Paphos  Eleftheriou Venizelou & Kaningos 22, 2nd floor, 8021 Paphos
Famagusta  Eleftherias 83, Tatolos Bld, 1st floor, Derynia Plaza, 5380 Derynia

How to book your appointment

Visit the CRMD website to make an appointment via their contact information.

Your employer will help you with the yellow slip application process if you are an international worker.

When you apply, the immigration authorities will take your biometrics, i.e., your fingerprints and an identity photo.

MEU1 application fee

The Cyprus government fee for the yellow slip when applying with the MEU1 is €20 for each person. This fee is for first-time applications or renewals.

Do I need to renew the yellow slip?

Unlike non-EU work permits, the yellow slip registration certificate for EU citizens does not expire.

As it never expires, EU citizens do not need to renew a yellow slip.

How can I check my MEU1 yellow slip status?

You will be informed if your MEU1 application is approved. You will also be notified if your application is not approved.

If your application is approved, the CRMD will inform you when your yellow slip will be ready.

If your application is unsuccessful, they will inform you of the reason it has not been approved.

MEU1 Cyprus online

You must attend the appointment at the immigration unit to carry out all necessary checks and provide your documents.

Most of the yellow slip application process takes place on location. However, you can find the MEU1 application form online and complete it before your appointment.

Benefits of yellow slip in Cyprus

The yellow slip in Cyprus provides the following benefits.

  • Allows you the same rights as Cypriot citizens
  • The full rights to live and work in Cyprus for over three months
  • The full rights to register your car, and obtain a medical card from the general healthcare system (GESY) of Cyprus, or enroll your children in schools in Cyprus
  • Full rights of stay and re-entry, worker rights, and engagement in business activities.

Registered EU citizens will be allowed to stay and work in Cyprus or remain as visitors. However, the yellow slip is only valid for Cyprus.

The yellow slip does not allow the certificate holder to live or work in other European Union countries long term.

If you plan to live in Cyprus, you must apply for a yellow slip, not only because you will lose the benefits mentioned above but also because you may get fined for staying or working illegally in Cyprus.

Immigration consultants

Many companies in Cyprus provide immigration services, assisting in uncomplicating the MEU1 application process.

Amazon Corporate and Immigration Services are one of the most prominent immigration consultants who can help you apply for a yellow slip.

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