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Traffic Laws - Violations, Penalties and Penalty Points

In this article by Pitsas Insurance, you can find a list of punishable traffic violations, as well as the corresponding penalties and fines which are then applied by the Cyprus Police to offenders.

This list is not an exhaustive one but can serve as a guide for the most common and frequently occurring violations and their consequences.

Before reading further, we would like to emphasize that the frequency in which offenses are taking place on the roads, around the world and particularly in Cyprus, has become quite serious in recent years.

Fatalities and injuries caused by reckless and negligent driving are prompting governments around the world to review their current road safety legislation. The basic Law on the rules of the road in Cyprus was updated on November 5, 2010. On June 15, 2012 additional changes were made to it regarding driving above the speed limit and driving under the influence of alcohol.

A new draft Law that could significantly tighten sanctions against reckless drivers and passengers is currently being prepared. It should be noted that municipalities, and similar local government bodies in Cyprus, may adopt additional regulations aimed at ensuring safety and impose additional fines.

Some of the violations specified in this article that do not accumulate penalty points may later change as to also accumulate them. A driver who receives 12 penalty points is usually disqualified and has his/her driving license  suspended by the court. Penalty points currently expire three years after the day they were imposed.

Payment of fines for violations

Traffic fines are not paid directly to the police officer that stops you for a violation on the side of the road. To see the available payment methods, please visit the site here.

Drunk driving

The limit for DUI (driving under the influence) is lower than in England and Wales, and the same as in Scotland - at 22 micrograms per 100 ml breath (50 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood).

Higher risk groups have a lower limit. New drivers, motorcyclists, truck drivers, buses, taxis and vehicles carrying dangerous goods are limited to 9 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath (20 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood).

The current fines for DUI are as follows:

  • Concentration from 23 to 35 micrograms - €100 fine and 0 to 2 penalty points.
  • Concentration from 36 to 55 micrograms - €200 fine and 2 to 4 penalty points.
  • Concentration from 56 to 70 micrograms - €300 fine and 3 to 6 penalty points.
  • More than 71 micrograms - prison or a fine of €150 to €400 (determined by the court) and 3 to 6 penalty points

Finding a car driver in a state of alcoholic intoxication does not relieve him of liability for the damage caused by his vehicle. The degree of guilt and responsibility are determined by the court.

More details can be found here.

Other offenses

  • Using a mobile phone (without a hands-free kit) while driving - 2 - 4 points - a fine of €85
  • Eating or drinking while driving - 2 - 4 points - a fine of €85
  • Driving without a seat belt - 2 - 4 points - €85 fine
  • No reflective warning triangle available - €20 fine

Writing, attaching, or displaying any object on the vehicle windshield is prohibited. This offense is also punishable by a fine.

Violations related to documents

  • Not having a valid driver’s license or insurance - the sanctions are determined by the court.
  • Failure to pay road tax (license) - the sanctions are determined by the court.
  • If there is no up to date MOT (annual technical inspection confirming the technical serviceability of the vehicle) - the sanctions are determined by the court.
  • License plates - violations related to missing or damaged license plates. The police have the right to detain and arrest the vehicles whose license plates do not meet the established requirements - plus a fine of €85.
  • Failure to note a change in ownership or sale of a vehicle within 30 days - fine.

Motorcycle driving violations

  • Motorcycle/moped - no helmet for driver or passenger - from 1 to 4 points - a fine of €85.
  • Motorcycle/moped - without dipped headlights - €50 fine.
  • Motorcycle/moped - passenger under 12 years old - €25 fine.
  • Motorcycle/moped - passenger carried in front of the driver - €25 fine.
  • Motorcycle/moped - passenger does not sit straight on the vehicle - €25 fine.
  • Moped - driving on the highway - €85 fine.

Violations connected with driving quality

  • Causing death by dangerous driving - 5-10 points - fine, the punishment is determined by the court.
  • Dangerous driving - 3 - 6 points - fine, determined by the court.
  • Careless driving - 3 - 6 points - fine, determined by the court.
  • Faulty horn - the driver cannot give a signal - a fine of €25.
  • The driver did not stop after an accident - 5-10 penalty points - the penalty and the degree of punishment will be determined by the court.
  • Non-mechanical vehicle on motorways and expressways - €85 fine.
  • Failure to comply with traffic signals - 2 - 4 penalty points - a fine of €85.
  • Failure to comply with the requirements/instructions given to by the police - a fine of €55.
  • Failure to follow road signs - €25 fine.
  • The driver did not stop or did not follow the signals of the traffic controller or the patrolman at a school crossing - €55 fine.
  • The driver did not stop or did not let the pedestrians pass at the pedestrian crossing - €85 fine.
  • Oncoming traffic on a one-way road - €25 fine.
  • Failure to reduce speed to ensure the safe passage of other vehicles or traffic safety - a fine of €55.
  • Overtaking on the left on a bridge, on top of a hill, at an intersection, pedestrian crossing, crossing a continuous line or violating another road sign - €55 fine.
  • Driving vehicles on the sidewalk - €55 fine.
  • Illegal entry of vehicles on roads with restrictions on the movement of vehicles - a fine of €55.
  • Violation of priority - a driver who does not give priority to the vehicles traveling to the right at intersections with a main road or at controlled intersections, or who drives on a main road without stopping or slowing down - a fine of €55.
  • Unreasonable (unnecessary) reversal - €25 fine.
  • Unjustified use of a sound signal (horn) in built-up areas - a fine of €25.

Violations related to the carriage of goods and the structure of the vehicle

  • Cargo transportation - a passenger vehicle carrying bulky and dangerous goods in a vehicle - €50.
  • Dangerous load or overhang (more than 10% of the vehicle thickness) - a fine of €50.
  • Shipments that are constructions or dangerous - a fine of €50.
  • Driving a car that has been modified or altered - fine depending on the modification degree.
  • Tire - dangerous or faulty - €25.
  • Silencers - lack of a silencer - 2 - 4 points - a fine of €50.
  • Mufflers - using a car with excessive exhaust emissions - 2 - 4 points - a fine of €50.
  • Mirrors - violation/malfunction/non-use of mirrors - €25 fine.
  • Washers/wipers missing or defective - €25 fine.
  • Windows – mirrored/tinted windows with limited visibility - depending on the degree of darkness/reflection /transparency.

Other violations

  • Smoking - in a private car with passengers under the age of sixteen in the car - a fine of €85.
  • Smoking - on public transport - a fine of €85.
  • Smoking - in certain public places where smoking is prohibited - fine.
  • Obstacle - creating a traffic jam/traffic jams on the highway with cars - a fine of €85.
  • Obstacle - creating an obstacle for the movement of other vehicles and pedestrians - a fine of €50.
  • Obstacle/creation of a traffic jam or congestion - heavy vehicles - truck or bus driver does not stop and does not allow other traffic - €25 fine.
  • Parking - within 10 meters from the intersection, 15 meters from a pedestrian crossing, near traffic lights, on the sidewalk, at the bus stop or in the disabled compartment - a fine of €85.
  • Parking against the direction of travel. This applies at any time of the day or night, even if the parking is carried out in a permitted parking lot - a fine of €85.
  • Driver who is in an irregular position inside the car or raises his hand unnecessarily from the steering wheel - a fine of €25.
  • Passengers not sitting in fixed seats, hindering the normal operation of the vehicle, or making signs or gestures that may be considered traffic signals - a fine of 25 Euro.
  • Doors - a person who opens the door of a vehicle in a way that is unsafe or disrupts/ hinders the operation of other vehicles, or leaves the door open, which makes the movement of other vehicles difficult - a fine of €25.
  • Lights - offenses involving parking lights and the placement of a warning reflective triangle - €25 fine.
  • Lights - violations related to the headlights of cars - a fine of €25.
  • Throwing garbage in inappropriate places or from car windows - fine.
  • Taxi fares - the taxi driver does not have a fare table in a prominent place in the taxi - a fine of €25.

Driving training

  • Trainee - E-plate/warning sign that a student is driving is not installed - a fine of €25.
  • Trainee driver of a vehicle carrying passengers other than an observer - €25 fine.
  • Trainee driver not accompanied by a licensed driver - €25 fine.
  • Trainee highway driver not accompanied by a Cypriot registered driving instructor - fine.
  • Trainee motorcycle rider carrying passengers other than the observer - €25 fine.

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