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Health insurance: pre-existing conditions

At Pitsas Insurances we strive to provide our clients with extended coverage at the best possible prices. Therefore, we have concluded cooperation agreements not only with Cypriot, but also with the largest international insurance companies. The conditions that make our contracts especially attractive are the coverage of the costs of an ophthalmologist and dentist, as well as coverage of the costs of up to €1,800 for Chinese medicine and up to € 6,000 for physiotherapy. We also provide coverage for pregnant women, and although the costs of the birth are not covered directly, we will cover any costs associated with the complications of childbirth. In addition, we provide insurance coverage for patients with hereditary or genetic diseases, excluding the disease itself or related diseases.

However, the main feature of our contracts is that we provide insurance coverage to patients with previous medical conditions (under certain conditions). An antecedent illness is an illness that has already been suffered by the patient and is no longer treated (i.e. no medication is used, no physiotherapy is provided, etc.). In most cases, there can be no exceptions related to the illnesses suffered by the patients. In particular, if the illness occurred 5 or more years ago, it is considered a pre-existing condition because no treatment has been received and we usually offer coverage without any additional premium increase. However, in any case, the client informs us in detail about his medical history, past illnesses and treatment received. If the illness has occurred within the last 5 years, we also offer full coverage at no additional premium, but for two years starting from the date of the contract we will not cover any costs associated with the particular illness.

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