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Seven new bills for stiffer traffic penalties

Thousands of euros are spent by Cypriots according to the latest police statistics on fines for road traffic offenses each year. A package of 8 laws passed by the Council of Ministers significantly increases fines for road traffic offenses.

The 7 amending bills and the draft Regulations approved by the Cabinet provide an increase in the extra-judicial fine from € 85 to € 300 in case of using a mobile phone while driving, but also for driving without a safety belt or helmet, and the same applies to the violation light signal. Pedestrian parking is subject to a fine of € 85 to € 150, while for parking in disabilities, the exodus is up to € 200.

The laws provide, inter alia, that penalties for breach of the maximum or minimum speed limit are increased from € 1 per km to € 5 per kilometer of speed limit violation.

Externally driving under the influence of alcohol at a rate of 22-35μg / 100ml increases from € 100 to € 125 while gradually increasing up to € 500 for 56-70mg / 100ml, from € 300 today. For an alcoholic strength of 71mg / 100ml or higher, it is not issued extraordinary and the case is referred to the court. In this case, the sentence provided by the court increases to € 10,000 and/or 2 years of imprisonment and deprivation for up to 2 years, of € 5,000 and/or 2 years of imprisonment and/or deprivation of leave for 1 year now.

In the case of driving under the influence of drugs, the penalty payment is increased from € 3,500 to € 10,000 and driving is prohibited following a court decree.

The penalty for driving without a third-party insurance policy is set at € 200, while the fine for driving without a certificate of fitness is set at € 300 for buses or trucks and at € 150 for other vehicles.

Pavement parking is punished with € 100 instead of € 85 to date while crossing over pedestrians will cost € 150 for € 150 instead of € 65. Finally, the exits for pedestrian and bus stops rise to € 150 from € 85.

Provisions have also been made for retention or movement of a vehicle when there is no insurance document or the driver is under the influence of alcohol or refuses to provide a sample. The same applies if the vehicle is parked or abandoned illegally and/or at a dangerous point, but also if the owner refuses to move it or can not be found.

Simultaneously, new offenses are introduced, which consist of the combination of driving under the influence of alcohol, drug use, over speeding and unreasonable driving. The offenses are punished by imprisonment of up to 4 years or a fine of € 15,000 and deprivation of at least 2 months.

The proposed penalty for abandoning the site of the accident where death is caused is 10 years and/or € 30,000 and deprivation of the right to have a driver's license for a period of not less than one year.

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