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Why we choose ALC Health?

Many of our clients ask about the insurance industry rankings and why we chose to cooperate with specific international medical insurance providers, such as ALC Health. Unfortunately, there are not any official published statistics from any of the international medical insurers, for this reason the task of our team and its advisers was extremely difficult. Nevertheless, we are keen to provide a short insight about our choices.

The reason why we chose to cooperate with ALC Health are:

  1. The testimonials of prestigious clients, such as the Corinthia Hotels and the GTECH. In addition, its clientele includes people from various occupations, including hazardous industries such as mining, pilots and police. They also provide coverage to popular entertainers and media figures and even members of certain Royal families.
  2. Longevity. They have been providers of international medical insurance for 17 years, so they have much experience in this market. This is also the only type of insurance thet offer, so it is their focus and area of expertise.
  3. Stability. Its financial underwriter for business in and through Cyprus is X L Catlin, an A Rated, global, multi-billion dollar insurer with an excellent reputation.
  4. The CEO of the company, Sarah Jewell, was awarded an MBE in 2015. This is a well-known type of honor in the UK, bestowed by the Queen, and was awarded for services to entrepreneurship in the medical health industry.
  5. They offer valuable guarantees to our clients, including:

  6. Guarantee to offer lifetime renewal to individual members

  7. Guarantee to offer renewal terms to individual members and SMEs which are community rated, rather than based on their personal claims experience

  8. Guarantee to accept clients who apply for moratorium terms (under 75 years of age).

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