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Allianz Claim. How to file a claim with Allianz International Health Insurance (Allianz Care)

Allianz Claim - Introduction

In this short guide, we will provide a detailed analysis of all the steps required to file a claim with Allianz International Health Insurance (Allianz Care).

Additionally, we will offer advice on how you can increase your chances of having your claim fully and promptly settled.

Table of contents:

  • How does the Allianz claim submission process work?

  • How to file an Allianz insurance claim?

  • How long does allianz take to process a claim

  • Allianz claim portal

  • Allianz online claim

  • Allianz claim form

  • Allianz claim email

  • Allianz claim phone number

How does the Allianz claim submission process work?

Allianz claims are submitted through Allianz's online platform, known as the Allianz Claim Portal.

You will receive your login information (username and password) when Allianz welcomes you as a client.

All pertinent information related to your claim should be scanned or photographed and then submitted through the Allianz Claim Portal.

The claim assessment process is conducted by a complex software system that incorporates artificial intelligence, which is one of the reasons why 95% of Allianz claims are assessed and paid in less than 24 hours.

In the Allianz Claim Portal, you can view the status of your claim (pending, settled) or check if additional documentation is required.

How to file an Allianz insurance claim?

Step 1st: Collect all documents

Firstly, you should gather the following documents:

  • Doctor’s prescriptions, referrals, and payment receipts.

  • Pharmacy receipts and invoices.

  • Laboratory test receipts, invoices, and results.

To expedite the payment process and minimise additional inquiries, request that doctors and laboratories provide all documentation in English.

While Allianz Claim Portal can process information in multiple languages, claims in English are assessed more quickly and have a higher payment ratio.

Moreover, having all documents signed and stamped by the relevant doctor and laboratory is crucial as it verifies the documents' authenticity.

If you are registered in the National Health System of your country, Allianz Insurance can act as co-insurance and reimburse you for the amount you paid out of pocket. For compensation, you will need to collect the national health system doctor referrals and prescriptions.

Step 2nd: Enter “My Claims”

Upon accessing the Allianz portal at, you will be presented with options to view your policy, including terms, benefits table, insurance certificate, and membership card.

The portal for claims is labelled “My Claims,” where you can find details on closed claims, pending claims, claims that require further information, and submit a new claim.

Upon selecting “Submit a claim,” three questions will appear:

  • “Were some or all treatments as a result of an accident?”: If any treatments were due to an accident, answer “Yes” if applicable.

  • “Do you have a health insurance policy with another provider?”: If you have health insurance with another provider, answer “Yes”.

  • “Reimbursement details”: For reimbursement details, you will typically request compensation directly to your private bank account, selecting “Insured member” as the recipient. The standard payment method is “Bank Transfer,” and the reimbursement currency can be any currency. You will then be asked to provide your bank account details.

It is advisable to organise your documents by expense category. For example, in case you did a blood test then it is better to gather in one pdf all relevant documents (i.e. doctor prescription, blood test results, invoice, receipt of payment).

Step 3rd: Adding invoices in the system

At this stage the system asks you to upload the first invoice: “Add invoice.” You can drag the relevant document and upload it.

When you upload the document, you will be asked to answer the following questions:

  • The name of the patient (in case of family policies, you will be given the names of all family members under the insurance policy).

  • Country of treatment.

  • Treatment provider. Here, you will mention the name of the physician, doctor, laboratory, or physiotherapist who provided you the relevant service.

  • The invoice currency.

  • The invoice date. This is the date you paid or the date the invoice was issued.

  • The treatment date. This is the date you received the treatment or the date you underwent your medical exams.

In addition you will be asked to choose your treatment type:

  • Covid 19 Treatment / Testing

  • Doctor Visit

  • Medication and Medical Aids

  • Dental Expenses

  • Optical

  • Test / Scans

  • Alternative Treatment

  • Maternity Expenses

  • Cancer Treatment

  • Vaccination

  • Multiple Treatments

  • None of the above

  • Ambulance Services

  • Dietician Fees

  • Health and Wellbeing Checks

  • Inpatient Treatment

  • Infertility Treatment

Based on your answer to the previous question, you will be asked to choose from various options.

Also, a question might pop up asking about the reason for seeking medical treatment. At this point, you can write in which area of your body you felt pain or got injured.

At the end, you are asked to provide the amount you paid (you just write the number).

When you finish, you choose “Save Invoice.”

After this, you are given two option:

  • To edit your first upload.

  • To add another invoice by repeating the same process.

When you finish uploading all invoices, you are asked whether you want to provide any additional information. In this field, you can elaborate on the pain, the injury, the treatments, and the results of the medical tests. Here, you can explain to Allianz all the details of your injury or disease. The more detail you present to them, the higher the probability of receiving full compensation.

If you receive any additional documentation at a later stage, you are able to upload it on the platform. You enter the platform, find the relevant claim, and click on it. There, you are given the option to submit additional documents and information.

Allianz Claim Status

In the portal, you can check the status of all of your claims.

When you enter the Portal, you choose “My Claims.” There, all the claims you submitted with Allianz, both pending and closed, are presented analytically.

If you click on them, you will see the relevant details (i.e., invoices, reimbursements etc.).

Also, you are able to add documents and invoices that are given to you at a later stage related to your claim.

How Long Does Allianz Take to Process a Claim?

Allianz processes claims extremely quickly due to their advanced system that incorporates functionalities of artificial intelligence.

Specifically, Allianz can compensate you within 24 hours from the time you submitted all relevant documentation.

If you want to get compensated quicker, follow the following advice:

  • Collect all the relevant documentation before uploading them.

  • Ask the doctors and laboratories to complete all the documentation in English.

Allianz Claim Form

After 2020, Allianz is processing claims through the “Allianz Claim Portal.”

Through this portal, you can upload the documentation related to your claim without having the obligation to complete a form.

Allianz Claim Email

Allianz usually provides support through phone calls.

Nevertheless, for general enquiries, you can send an email here: [email protected].

Allianz Claim Phone Number

The Allianz claim phone numbers are the following:

  • Allianz Claim phone number English: +353 1 630 1301

  • Allianz Claim phone number German: +353 1 630 1302

  • Allianz Claim phone number French: +353 1 630 1303

  • Allianz Claim phone number Spanish: +353 1 630 1304

  • Allianz Claim phone number Italian: +353 1 630 1305

  • Allianz Claim phone number Portuguese: +353 1 645 4040

Allianz Check a Claim

To check your claims, you should enter the Allianz Claim Portal:


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