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Claims procedure in case of a car accident

If you are involved in an accident with or without the participation of other drivers, you need to follow these steps:

  • Don’t leave the scene of the accident.
  • Immediately call the Road Service (Road Assistance Service) and the insurance company (you can find its phone number on your insurance policy or the information leaflet from your insurance company or agent).
  • Wait for your insurance company representative to arrive. The company representative will come to photograph the scene of the accident and record the information about the accident based on your testimony.
  • Provide the inspector of the insurance company with all the information you know about the accident (contact details of the participants, witnesses, police officers who arrived at the scene of the accident, your actions at the time of the accident, photographs of the scene of the accident and damage to the car).
  • Specify what damage your insurance contract covers (availability of a deductible in the case of CASCO, coverage limits, exclusions from the insurance coverage, the ability to cover the transportation costs).
  • Check with your insurance agent for the timeframe for filing an insurance claim, as the timeframe for filing a claim for compensation for the vehicle damage may differ from the timeframe for filing a claim for compensation for medical treatment.
  • Work with an insurance appraiser and get the repair quote so you know how much the insurance company is willing to pay to repair your vehicle.
  • Choose a workshop and repair your vehicle, however, keep in mind that the original parts used by the workshop may be new or used depending on the terms of your insurance contract, and you may have to pay the difference in price.
  • If the insurance company decided that your car is completely destroyed (Total Loss), you will be paid the insurance compensation based on the market value of a similar vehicle. Consider the fact that if you have a full insurance contract (CASCO), and you are responsible for the accident, the compensation will be paid to you minus the deductible set out in the terms of the contract.

What to do if you leave the scene of the accident

In case you left the scene of the accident, you will need to come to our office and fill out the claim form. You will need to explain the circumstances under which the accident occurred. The explanation must be in English or Greek.

Unfortunately, in the event that you left the scene of the accident before the arrival of your insurance company representative, we will not be able to guarantee you the payment of your insurance compensation.

What to do if you have full car insurance (CASCO)

If you have full car insurance (CASCO) you will take your car to a mechanic of your choice so that it can be repaired.

If you do not know a car mechanic, we recommend Simos & Marinos Karaoli car repair garage located in the Geroskipou industrial area of Paphos (phone number 26965770).

The mechanic will immediately contact your insurance company, who will then send an appraiser to calculate the cost of the vehicle damage.

Once the vehicle has been repaired, the mechanic will contact you to pick it up from the garage.

If you are not responsible for the accident, you will not have to pay anything to the mechanic, as the insurance company will cover all the costs. However, if you are responsible for the accident, you will be required to pay a portion of the mechanic's costs in an amount not exceeding the deductible established by your insurance contract.

The auto mechanic’s costs in excess of the deductible will be paid by your insurance company.

For details on the actions that you must take in the event of an accident, read our article What you should do in case of a car accident.

For more information and clarifications on the filing of an insurance claim, damage assessment and the procedure for paying the insurance compensation, please contact our company's specialists by phone on 26 600 620, or by email [email protected].

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