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How to become a resident of Cyprus? Cycle of articles

Article 1. Introduction. The path from tourist to resident

Being a tourist in any country is simple and interesting, because a short visit will provide you not only with a lot of positive emotions, but also with the opportunity to have a great rest and avoiding routine duties. But what happens if you decide to stay in the state you like so much for a long time? Is it possible? What needs to be done for this? And what should be done if this country is Cyprus?

Few people have the desire and patience to figure out the issue on their own. And a simple and understandable legal procedure acquires a veil of ominous mystery, against the background of which the phrases “Yellow Slip” or “Pink Slip” constantly flash, denoting “mystical” documents that allow their owners to live (and sometimes work) in Cyprus. And to get such a document, you need to go…

In general, the scary tale of the unfortunate tourists and Cyprus Immigration Service begins just like this.

Fortunately, as an insurance company, we treat the main characters of these myths and legends of modern Cyprus indirectly, and we can look at the problem from the outside.

Actually it can be solved easily if you take a look and:

1) Closely monitor the compliance with the visa regime (your own, and not your neighbor's);

2) Carefully read the lists of documents received from the representatives of the authorities of Cyprus and ask questions on the points regarding which you have doubts;

3) Strictly comply with the received requirements and instructions both in relation to the set of documentation and in respect of the compliance with all the deadlines and procedures provided for by the legislation.

And first, you should remember that, like in any other country in the world, in Cyprus there is a legislatively established time frame for the registration of foreigners who want to extend their stay in the Republic, the violation of which can lead you to an unexpected transformation from an inattentive tourist into an ordinary illegal immigrant.

These terms are different for different categories of foreign citizens, as are the requirements for the documentation that must be submitted by them during registration.

And if for EU citizens and their family members the terms and procedures for registration are quite simple, then citizens of non-EU countries (including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Armenia) need to prepare more documents and make more efforts so that their residence in Cyprus was legal and comfortable.

That is why the clients of our company - citizens of the countries outside the EU, quite often ask us questions about the immigration service and the processing of residence documents. They do it so often that the management of our company decided to publish a short series of articles directly devoted to this topic.

At the same time, we are by no means trying to appropriate the laurels of Cyprus Bar Association, which, in terms of the number of “dogs” eaten in this field, has long and firmly overtaken the residents of Vietnam and Korea combined (but they share the information only for money).

We just want to provide you with all the information we know. Perhaps, not complete (because there is always an exception for every rule), but absolutely definitely verified.

Our further articles will use the materials from the official websites of Cyprus Police, Civil Registry and Migration Department and the Aliens and Immigration Service, as well as some official publications of the state authorities of Cyprus, excerpts from legislative and other regulatory legal acts, newspapers and other sources the links to which we will publish at the end of each article.

As the articles are published, a title-link for each new article will be added to this introduction, by which it will be possible to proceed reading it.


Sincerely yours,

Pitsas Insurances Team

Cyprus, Limassol

February 14, 2020

Cycle of articles

Article 1. Introduction. The path from tourist to resident

Article 2. Registration of foreign citizens in Cyprus. Residence permit

Article 3. Cyprus Visas & immigration permits


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