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Cyprus residence permit in 2022. How to get a Cyprus residence permit


Residence permit Cyprus

All foreign nationals who want to move to Cyprus have to obtain a Cyprus residence permit or a Cyprus immigration permit.

A Cyprus residency permit (for foreign nationals) allows persons traveling to Cyprus to legally reside in the country for longer than a short stay period of 90 days (three months).

Before obtaining the Cyprus residence permit, you must get a visa in your country of residence specifying your reason for travel.

After this time, and after arriving in Cyprus, you can apply for a residence permit.

You can choose between two types of residence permits:

  • Cyprus Temporary Residence Permit

  • Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit

You can also obtain an immigration permit to get residency in Cyprus. You must fall under one of the categories known as categories A to F.

  • Cyprus Immigration Permits (categories A to F)

Throughout this article, we will examine the criteria for each category and how to get a Cyprus residence permit in 2022.

Table of contents:

  • Temporary residence permit Cyprus.
  • How do I get a resident permit in Cyprus?
  • Cyprus residence permit for non-EU.
  • How to get a permanent residence permit in Cyprus.
  • Cyprus permanent residence permit.
  • Cyprus residence permit real estate.
  • Cyprus residence permit by investment.
  • Cyprus Golden Visa PR.
  • Cyprus residency permit for EU/EEA nationals.
  • Cypriot Citizenship.
  • Cyprus residency permit FAQ.

Temporary residence permit Cyprus

Also known as Pink Slip, the Cyprus temporary residence permit, allows foreign nationals temporary residency on the island.

Furthermore, before a temporary permit can be issued, all non-EU nationals are required to obtain a short-stay visa. This is part of the Cyprus temporary residency process.

All short-stay visa types are valid for 90 days and foreign nationals can use it to enter Cyprus more than once in 3 months.

However, if their short stay extends to more than 90 days, foreign nationals must apply for the Pink Slip Cyprus.

This slip, or permit, is a temporary residence permit granting non-EU residents the right to reside in Cyprus for up to 4 years.

Depending on the purpose of travel, foreign nationals can choose from the following residence permit categories:

  • Student Visa.
  • Visitor Visa.
  • Employment Visa.

Student Pink Slip/Visa

The student visa is specifically for international students who must be enrolled in a Cyprus educational institution for long-term studies.

The students must apply for the visa from their home country through an official Cyprus Embassy or Consulate.

Visitor Pink Slip/Visa

The visitor’s visa is applicable when a non-EU resident fulfills the following criteria.

  • A Cypriot citizen’s parents-in-law.
  • A foreign-born child of Cypriot descent.
  • Married to a Cypriot citizen.
  • A person who does not need to obtain a work permit, and has enough funds to live in Cyprus without needing to work.

Employment Pink Slip/Visa

The employment visa is for foreign workers with the qualifications and skills required by a company based in Cyprus.

In this case, the employer must apply on their foreign employee's behalf.

The employer must do this at the Civil Registry and Migration Department, or the District Office of the Aliens and Immigration Unit.

The employee must also complete the appropriate paperwork and register with the Aliens and Immigration Unit of the Police.

What documents are required for pink slip applications?

At the immigration office, foreign nationals will have to complete the application form (MVIS3) to apply for a temporary residency permit.

The following documents are also required to fulfill the application process.

  • Application fee of €140
  • 4 passport photographs
  • Passport photocopies of the first page and the last entry stamp
  • Bank statements to prove adequate funds or sources of income
  • Employment contract copies or certificate
  • Children’s birth certificate, and apostille translation (if applicable)
  • Marriage certificate, and apostille translation (if applicable)
  • Immigration Medical Insurance .

Further information for Cyprus pink slip

  • We recommend hiring an immigration lawyer to assist you through the process to make your process as smooth as possible
  • It is advisable to have the necessary insurance coverage arranged in advance.

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How do I get a resident permit in Cyprus?

After arriving in Cyprus, you have to apply for a Cyprus Temporary Residence Permit to extend your short-stay visa. This should take place within seven days of arriving in Cyprus.

For that, you need to go to one of the following locations.

  • The Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD) if you will be living in Nicosia.
  • Another District Immigration Unit, if you will reside in another district.
  • You must apply at the CRMD if you are applying for a Cyprus PR permit or an Immigration Permit.

You should visit the CRMD website to look for their contact information to make an appointment.

Students or foreign workers will have help from their school or employer with the application process.

When applying, the Cypriot immigration authorities will take your biometrics, i.e. fingerprints and photograph.

They will contact you to receive your residency card if the application is approved.

They will inform you of the reason if the application is not approved.

Cyprus residence permit for non-EU

Immigration permits

All non-EU residents need to obtain an immigration permit to reside in Cyprus permanently.

If the foreign migrant is in one of the following categories they can apply for long-term residency permits.

  • Categories A-D

This category is specifically for non-EU members who plan to work as self-employed in agriculture, and related areas, trades, or professions, including science.

  • Category E

This category is specifically for foreigners who have been offered permanent employment in the country.

The company hiring the foreign national must prove that this will not create undue local competition and there were no Cypriot citizens suitable for the role.

  • Category F

This category is specifically for individuals who have a “secured annual income” and can live comfortably on the island without needing to work or engage in any business to secure funds.

The required income for Category F should be at least €9568.17 for just one applicant.

There is an additional €4613.22 required for each of the applicant’s dependents.

To obtain one of the permits suitable for your needs, you need to submit the M.67 permit, plus the required documents according to your category and migration circumstances.

How to get a permanent residence permit in Cyprus

After obtaining a short-stay visa and a temporary permit (pink slip), there are several ways to get a permanent residence permit in Cyprus (Cyprus PR).

After living in Cyprus for 5 years, the foreign national can apply for Cyprus PR by naturalization.

Cyprus permanent residence permit

Cyprus PR by naturalization

Both EU and non-EU residents who have legally resided in Cyprus for 5 consecutive years are eligible to be granted permanent residency.

This is known as the naturalization scheme (M127) based on the cumulative years of residence in Cyprus.

Cyprus PR by marriage

Persons married to a Cypriot citizen are eligible for permanent residency rights. They are allowed to apply for a residency permit with an unlimited duration.

In addition, their minor children from a previous marriage and parents of the Cypriot citizen (or parents-in-law) can also be granted the residency permit.

Cyprus residence permit real estate

A property investment (a new house or apartment) of €300,000 or more (plus VAT) can also lead to eligibility for permanent residency.

The investor has to prove they have enough foreign-based income and a further €30,000 deposited to a Cyprus bank account to be considered for Cyprus PR.

Cyprus residence permit by investment

Acquiring Cyprus PR and citizenship by investment should not be confused with the CIP investment scheme (which has ended).

This investment option for acquiring permanent residency is for foreign investors who wish to purchase property in Cyprus before settling in the country.

Foreign investors must show sufficient income from their home country and purchase property in Cyprus, at a minimum of 300K.

Including the above, there are two categories with this type of residence permit.

Category 6.2 permanent residency

  • As above, category 6.2, also known as Fast Track Permanent Residency, requires a minimum investment of €300,000 (including VAT).
  • A brand-new house or apartment must be purchased in Cyprus.

Category F permanent residency

  • This residence permit can be obtained by investing a minimum of €100,000 (plus VAT) in Cyprus real estate.
  • The applicant must also prove their annual income from abroad will cover their living expenses while residing in Cyprus.
  • The required income starts from €9568 per applicant, per annum, plus an additional €4613 for each eligible dependent person (spouses and family members).

Cyprus Golden Visa PR

The Cyprus Golden Visa is officially known as "the Scheme for Naturalization of Investors", and Cyprus Permanent Residency.

The golden visa in Cyprus is a legal status that allows non-EU citizens to reside permanently in Cyprus with zero limitations.

This visa also allows the applicant’s eligible dependents (spouses and family members) to enter and remain in the country as permanent residents.

The scheme has successfully granted Cypriot citizenship to over 3,000 investors since its official launch in 2016.

The island country has numerous advantages for foreign investors making the Cyprus golden visa one of the best investment programs worldwide.

Moreover, it grants foreign nationals the right to apply for Cypriot citizenship (once they have met the criteria specified by the Cyprus government).

To see our article that covers Golden Visa in-depth, see here

Cyprus residency permit for EU/EEA nationals

All EU nationals have the right to work and live in all other EU countries. Therefore if they want to stay in Cyprus longer than 90 days (3 months), they simply have to register their stay.

They should register at the CRMD in Nicosia to obtain a Registration Certificate (Yellow Slip).

Cypriot Citizenship

Foreign nationals without Cypriot ancestry are only eligible to apply for Cypriot citizenship once they have lived in the country for at least seven years.

They must also meet the following criteria.

  • They are over 21 years of age.
  • They have a clean criminal record.
  • They have lived in Cyprus for 7 consecutive years preceding the application.

Cyprus residency permit FAQ

How much is a resident permit in Cyprus?

For each family member, the registration and application fee for a pink slip is €70.

The registration fee is payable only for the first time of application. If you need to renew your pink slip, you will be charged a further €70.

The cost for short-stay visas is typically €20 each.

Which countries can I visit with Cyprus residence permit?

The Cyprus residence permit is only valid for Cyprus.

You cannot travel in Europe or elsewhere with a Cyprus residency permit.

How long will it take to get Cyprus residence permit?

Cyprus Residence Permit applications are processed in the approximate timeframes.

  • For studying: up to 3 months.
  • For employment: up to 4 months.
  • For family reunification: up to 9 months.
  • For permanent residency: up to 12 months (2 months via fast-track).

The above are general guidelines only. The processing times may change depending on each specific case.

Immigration insurance for Cyprus residency permit

If you are beginning the process of moving to Cyprus, it’s important to note that immigration insurance is mandatory.

It’s advisable to have adequate health insurance and immigration insurance coverage. Without the right insurance, you could face unnecessary medical and legal fees.

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Immigration insurance quote

When obtaining insurance for Cyprus PR, it’s good to know your options.

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