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Immigration Medical Insurance in Cyprus in 2024. Health insurance in Cyprus.

Insurance for immigration in Cyprus

If you plan to move to Cyprus, you must acquire immigration insurance.

In this analytical guide to immigration insurance in Cyprus, we will analyse the country’s various residency and work regimes and explain which requires immigration insurance.

We will then explain how immigration insurance works, the main types of coverage, and advise you on the most affordable contracts. 

Table of contents

  • What is immigration medical insurance in Cyprus?
  • Immigration medical insurance coverages
  • Claims of immigration medical history
  • Pink Slip Insurance in Cyprus
  • Yellow Slip Insurance in Cyprus
  • Work Permit Insurance in Cyprus
  • Immigration Insurance FAQ
  • Immigration medical insurance cost
  • Best immigration medical insurance in Cyprus
  • Online immigration medical insurance
  • Affordable immigration medical insurance quotes
  • Immigration medical insurance quotes

What is immigration medical insurance in Cyprus?

Immigration medical insurance is a compulsory policy for all non-EU residents wishing to acquire any residency status in Cyprus (temporary or permanent) and for most EU citizens wishing to permanently live or work in Cyprus.

The insurance certificate must be presented to the immigration authorities in Cyprus when applying for a residency visa.

Specifically, this policy is ideal for applicants of the following regimes:

  • Temporary Residence Permit, aka Pink Slip (non-European Citizens).
  • Yellow Slip (Europeans who want to live or work in Cyprus).
  • Permanent Residency applicants (see our article here).
  • MEU1 (European Citizens).
  • MEU2 (Family members of European Citizens who are not Europeans).
  • MEU3 (Family members of European Citizens who are Europeans).
  • MUKW1, MUKW2, MUKW3 (for UK Nationals).

Note: European citizens are considered the citizens of both EU and EFTA, which form the European Economic Area (EEA).

Immigration medical insurance covers inpatient, outpatient and body repatriation expenses.

The terms of immigration medical insurance are identical for all insurance companies since it needs to abide by the rules and the terms set by Cypriot law.

Immigration medical insurance is an inexpensive policy not meant to provide comprehensive health insurance coverage.

The Cyprus state wants to ensure that all foreign citizens have adequate financial means to stay in Cyprus without becoming an economic burden for the Republic.

Immigration medical insurance ensures that the insurance will cover any medical bills.

Immigration medical insurance coverages

What covers immigration medical insurance?

Immigration medical insurance covers both inpatient and outpatient expenses.

Inpatient expenses

Inpatient expenses are defined as the expenses of hospitalisation for a minimum of one night in a private clinic (i.e. for a medical operation).

All other expenses related to staying in the clinic are also covered.

For example, suppose the insured had an operation requiring one-night hospitalisation. In that case, the diagnostic exams before the operation (i.e. x-rays, blood tests) and the exams after the operation (i.e. x-rays and physiotherapy) are covered.

Examples of inpatient expenses

  • Surgeries, room rent charges, room boarding & nursing charges, medical professionals’ fees, medicines & drugs, ICU costs, operation theatre charges, and implanted devices.
  • Pre & post-hospitalisation expenses. Pre-hospitalisation expenses are medical care costs incurred by the insured before hospital admission. Post-hospitalisation expenses are medical care costs incurred after discharge from the hospital.

Outpatient expenses

Outpatient expenses include any medical expenses associated with health care that occurs when a patient is not staying in the hospital, as detailed above.

Essentially, outpatient expenses include all medical expenses not related to hospitalisation.

Such expenses usually occur when you visit a doctor’s clinic and receive treatments.

Examples of outpatient expenses

  • Diagnostic tests (MRI, x-rays, blood tests etc.)
  • Visits to specialised doctors.
  • Medicine prescriptions.
  • Physiotherapy.

Body repatriation

Body repatriation coverage is used when transferring a person who has passed away to their country of origin or citizenship.

Immigration insurance in Cyprus covers the expenses of transporting the insured’s body back to his country in case he dies.

The liability limits of immigration medical insurance are presented in the table below.

Cover Provided Maximum Amount Per Benefit
Maximum amount of coverage per illness or accident in case of hospitalisation (i.e. inpatient expenses) €8,544 (per insured)
Maximum coverage amount per year €13,669 (per insured)
Daily Hospitalisation (Regular Room and Food) €69 (daily)
Daily Hospitalisation (Room and Food) in the Intensive Care Unit €171 (daily)
Maximum coverage amount per illness or Accident in case of outpatient expenses €684 (per insured)
Maximum amount for the period of insurance €1,709
Maximum amount per visit €18

Note: Remember that immigration insurance enables you, as the insured, to visit any clinic in Cyprus.

What does immigration insurance not cover?

Immigration medical insurance can be acquired by anyone regardless of age or medical history.

Nevertheless, it does not cover pre-existing conditions (i.e. chronic diseases) and past medical events.

Also, the contract has common exclusions for most medical insurance policies, such as AIDs, obesity, cosmetic and plastic surgery, dentists, and ophthalmologists.

Claims of immigration medical history

Immigration insurance is not a comprehensive medical insurance policy.

The limits of liabilities are extremely low, and there are many exclusions in standard immigration insurance.

How do claims of immigration insurance work?

As a client, you must pay for either inpatient (hospitalisation) or outpatient expenses directly to the clinic.

Then you must collect all the relevant documentation (exams, payments, receipts, invoices, x-rays etc.) and present them to the insurance company.

The insurance company exclusively accepts the original documents.

In addition, you need to complete a numbered claim form. The first part of the claim form should be completed by you as the insured, and the other half should be completed by the doctor.

Claims are usually paid within 20 working days.

It is important to mention that compensation will be transferred exclusively to the bank account of the insured and no one else (even not to a husband/wife or other family member).

Pink Slip Insurance in Cyprus

All applicants of temporary residence permits (pink slip) should acquire immigration insurance.

The Cyprus pink slip is an official document that allows non-EU members to live legally in Cyprus for longer than three months.

Before citizens can apply for a pink slip, they must get an entry visa depending on their purpose of travel. Entry visas include visitor; student; employment; immigrant visas.

See our article for further information regarding this immigration process.

Yellow Slip Insurance in Cyprus

Most applicants of a yellow slip in Cyprus should also acquire immigration medical insurance.

EU nationals need to apply for a registration certificate to reside and work legally in Cyprus.

This certificate is aptly named because it is printed on yellow paper and known as the yellow slip

This certificate is available to all European citizens who wish to extend their stay in the Republic of Cyprus for specific reasons (working, searching for property etc.).

See our article for more information regarding this certificate.

Work Permit Insurance in Cyprus

All non-EU citizens wishing to acquire a work permit in Cyprus should buy immigration medical insurance.

Before obtaining a work permit, the applicants must obtain a work visa.

All work permit applicants in Cyprus must acquire annual immigration medical insurance.

See our article about work permits in Cyprus to find out more.

Immigration Insurance FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about immigration insurance.

Can the immigration authorities in Cyprus accept my international medical insurance?

The Cypriot government only accepts one form of contract, which is the same for all insurance providers in Cyprus.

Each insurance provider only has the right to choose its selling price.

If I employ a housemaid, should I acquire immigration insurance?

If you employ a housemaid to care for your home, you should acquire immigration and employers liability insurance.

Pitsas Insurances provide dedicated plans that include immigration and employers liability insurance with a discount.

I work in Cyprus. Do I still need immigration medical insurance?

You should check with your legal advisor.

In some cases, you might be required to acquire immigration medical insurance only covering repatriation expenses.

Pitsas Insurances provide all options at the lowest price.

When should my coverage begin, and how long does it last?

It is best if your insurance coverage begins on the same day you have an appointment with the immigration services.

Immigration medical insurance lasts for one year.

What documents do I need for this insurance coverage?

This insurance application can be processed quickly online.

All you need is a copy of your passport (and the passport of your family members if you want to insure them) and a utility bill clearly stating your address in Cyprus.

No medical records are required.

When my immigration insurance policy expires, can I purchase a more comprehensive policy for health?

Each foreign national must renew this insurance policy for the length of time they remain in Cyprus and are not registered in the GESY.

This is not required if they acquire Cypriot citizenship.

Nevertheless, the affordability of this insurance also allows them to simultaneously acquire more comprehensive health insurance. For a quotation of comprehensive medical insurance, you can complete our questionnaire.

At Pitsas Insurances, all our immigration medical insurance clients receive a discount for all other insurance policies they acquire with us.

Should I renew my immigration medical insurance after I acquire permanent residency?

As long as you are not registered in GESY, you must renew your immigration medical insurance in Cyprus.

Even if you register with the GESY, you must buy body repatriation coverage insurance.

Investors who underwent a permanent residency regime through acquiring an investment in Cyprus will be checked annually to determine whether they are abiding by the economic criteria to retain the permanent residency, including possessing valid immigration medical insurance.

Immigration medical insurance cost

How much is immigration medical insurance in Cyprus?

The cost of immigration medical insurance depends on the following factors.

  • Age of the applicant and his family members (wife/husband, children).
  • Occupation in Cyprus. (Occupation abroad is not significant).

Unlike some standard insurance products, the applicants' medical history does not affect the premium.

Minimum cost of immigration insurance

The minimum cost of immigration insurance in Cyprus is €120.

The average premium for immigration insurance in Cyprus is €165.

The insurance cost is higher than the average premium in the following circumstances.

  • For children under 14 years old.
  • For adults older than 65 years old.
  • Foreign workers involved in manual labour and specific professionals.

Best immigration medical insurance

As discussed throughout this article, immigration terms are identical for all insurance companies.

Pitsas Insurances provides this type of insurance contract at the lowest premium.

We also provide multiple offers for our existing clients.

Online immigration medical insurance

Communicate with Pitsas Insurances for a hassle-free quotation online.

You can have an offer from us within 5 minutes and a contract after 15 minutes.

Acquiring insurance from us can be started and completed online - no physical presence in our office is required.

Your insurance contract will be sent to you via email.

Affordable immigration medical insurance quotes

Pitsas Insurances is proud to provide the cheapest immigration medical insurance in Cyprus.

If you are looking for cheap immigration medical insurance in Cyprus, our premiums start from just €120. We also have special plans for families and companies.

Affordable medical insurance for immigration (in Cyprus)

In addition, we provide all of our immigration medical insurance clients with a discount of 10% on car insurance and 15% on home insurance.

Immigration medical insurance quotes

Pitsas Insurances is the largest expatriate insurance company and the largest provider of group health insurance to international companies in Cyprus.

We have special packages for international companies.

Medical insurance for immigration (in Cyprus)

See our website to find out more about our immigration packages.

Communicate with us to receive a personalised quotation for you, your family or your employees.

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