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What is included in the 24/7 road assistance (CNP)

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As a part of the of the “Road Assistance” service, the company cooperating with us – the service provider (Road Service) - may perform the following actions:

1.Vehicle towing

If your vehicle has stopped due to mechanical/electrical, our specialists will arrive on site to have it repaired as soon as possible with just one phone call.

2.Tire change

If your vehicle is immobilized due to a flat tire, our technicians will replace the tire on site, or take you to the nearest garage for repair.

3.Help with lost keys

Have your keys been lost, stolen, or accidentally locked in your car? Our 24⁄7 service will provide you with immediate assistance.

4.Help in case of insufficient fuel

If your car cannot continue driving due to a lack of the fuel, our specialists will provide you with the fuel, which will be enough to reach the nearest gas station.

5.Solving battery problems

If your car battery runs out and your car won't start, our provider's technicians will promptly suggest a solution on site.

6.On-site repair

If your vehicle has a problem that can be rectified with the tools available in our service provider's mobile garage, our provider will fix it and mobilize the vehicle. Otherwise, the vehicle will be delivered to the garage of your choice.

7.Help if your vehicle gets stuck in mud, snow, lake, river, or sand

If your vehicle has been immobilized for any of the reasons listed above, the Road Service will attempt to free the vehicle ONLY if this does not entail any risk of further damage. If a special tractor is required for towing a vehicle, the employees of the Road Service will inform you about the possible risks associated with towing the vehicle and will tow it only with your written consent that you will not have any claims if, due to the circumstances, the vehicle sustains further damage. The costs of the special tractor are charged to the customer (owner or driver of the vehicle).

Exceptions where road assistance cannot be provided:

  • All the insured vehicles used for commercial purposes, vehicles for the transport of public goods (type A), private buses, and special types of vehicles (like lifts, forklifts, rollers, spray machines, earthmoving equipment, and excavators) are excluded.
  • The occupied territories of the Republic of Cyprus are excluded from the geographic boundaries of assistance.
  • The second towing of the vehicle for the same problem or transportation from one garage to another is excluded.
  • Vehicles with a gross weight of more than 5 tons or with a wheelbase of more than 3.5 meters are excluded.
  • The cases when the vehicle that requires assistance is not on an officially registered road (public road) or it is impossible or dangerous to approach the damaged vehicle by the towing vehicle at the point where it is located (for example, closed or narrow spaces, underground or multi-storey parking spaces, private parking spaces or any other obstruction preventing the supplier from safely approaching the vehicle) are excluded.

For details on the actions that you must take in the event of an accident, read our article What you should do in case of a car accident.

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