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Chinese Investments in Cyprus

We are glad and proud to inform you that after considerable effort and assistance from the China Desk which is based in Paphos and is part of the Cyprus-China Business Association, we expect in April/May 2019 a targeted delegation (8-10 companies) from the venerable China Investment Association, accompanied by Chinese Government officials.  The areas of interest for actual investment are:

Renewable Energy, such as: Solar energy, Wind power, Garbage disposal, Waste treatment etc.

Education, such as:  Primary & Secondary education and Higher education

Health & Wellness in general, including nursing homes

We seek to elicit preliminary interest from Cyprus enterprises in any of the above fields.  Once you show interest, you will ask to pay a fee in order to arrange business to business meetings (around a thousand euros) with the Chinese Investment companies.  The number of Cyprus companies that should meet their Chinese counterparts would not exceed the 15.

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