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MAY '22

MetLife Pet Insurance Review in 2022. Good for Pet Parents on a Budget

MetLife Pet Insurance offers multiple perks to attract pet parents. It places no restrictions on eligible breeds, covers dogs and cats 8 weeks and older, and offers 100% reimbursement. Best of all, the accident coverage begins at midnight the day you sign up for the policy. On the flip side, treatments or services provided outside the United States aren't covered. This might worry pet parents who regularly travel internationally. Also, unlike some of its competitors, it doesn't provide a plan for unlimited annual benefits. [...]


AUG '21

Criminality in Cyprus

When you're planning to travel to a country, whether that is to visit it as a tourist or to move there permanently, one of your main concerns should be how safe it will be as a destination. You should have no such concerns when coming to Cyprus, since it is consistently ranked as one of the safest countries in the world.  In fact, in early 2020 travel insurance comparator Insurly issued a safety index, allowing you to assess the level of risks you might face when venturing to a country abroad, and Cyprus came in 5th worldwide. [...]


AUG '21

What kind of insurance do I need if I rent out my house?

Do I need insurance if my residential property (country house, summer residence) is rented out? Almost all people dream of owning a second home or a country house. But just like the house in which you live, a country house requires maintenance and care costs, as well as third party liability insurance. The issues that arise out of providing residential real estate for rent and insurance of associated risks do not only concern the citizens of Cyprus as the owners of real estate, but foreign home owners as well. [...]


AUG '21

Media Liability Insurance

One way or another, almost all businesses need to produce and broadcast or publish media content. The advent of the Digital Age has opened up new forms of communication and anyone with access to a social media account can now become a content creator. This expanded exposure, however, means that any kind of communication outlet could be at risk from liability claims for things like libel, intellectual property claims or invasion of privacy. [...]


JAN '20

Life of British Expats after Brexit

1. How many UK citizens live in Cyprus? According to a 2018 census, the total number of foreign nationals living in Cyprus was 155,600 (meaning approximately 18% of the total population living in the areas under the control of the Republic of Cyprus), of which approximately 16% (25,000) were UK nationals. These figures are definitely underestimated. That is mainly due to the fact that a large number of European citizens, including Britons, who own a house in Cyprus, had not applied for a certificate of permanent residence. [...]


OCT '18

Chinese Investments in Cyprus

We are glad and proud to inform you that after considerable effort and assistance from the China Desk which is based in Paphos and is part of the Cyprus-China Business Association, we expect in April/May 2019 a targeted delegation (8-10 companies) from the venerable China Investment Association, accompanied by Chinese Government officials.  The areas of interest for actual investment are: Renewable Energy, such as: Solar energy, Wind power, Garbage disposal, Waste treatment etc. [...]


MAY '18

Satellite Insurance

Satellite insurance is a specialized aircraft safety industry with a total of 30 insurance companies providing services. The insurance mainly covers the costs that may arise as a result of the following risks: 1) restart of the satellite in case of failure of the first launch; 2) replacement of the satellite in case of damage; 3) deviation of the satellite from the given trajectory; 4) failure of the satellite into orbit; [...]


APR '18

An investment of billions from a Cypriot businessman to the Zimbabwe

The Pitsas Insurances team is particularly proud of the new international business venture of our great friend and client, Mr. Loucas Pourouli. The Cypriot company Karo Resources, managed by the Pourouli family, is going to invest $4.2 billion for the development of an ambitious platinum extraction investment in the post-Mugabe era of Zimbabwe. The investment that transforms Zimbabwe Since assuming his duties, the new Zimbabwe president has committed to promote institutional reform in order to attract the interest of foreign investors. [...]


MAR '18

Enter the Chinese Market

Take part in the first International Trade Exhibition of China which will be held from 5 until 10 of November 2018 in Shanghai and promote effectively your company’s services and products in the most dynamic economy of the world. It is expected the participation of more than 150,000 businessmen from all over China.   In order to open the Chinese market to the world actively, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that China will hold the first International import Expo of China (CIIE) starting from 2018. [...]

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