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JUL '21

Employers' Liability Insurance FAQ

When you have employees, their health and safety while at work should be of the utmost importance. To ensure that, all employers are required by law to obtain an Employers' Liability insurance so as to be covered in case there is a work-related injury or illness. 1.What is Employers' Liability insurance? Employers’ Liability is a key type of insurance which safeguards businesses and any other type of employers from legal liability and damages if any of their employees sustains bodily harm, illness or fatal injury in the course of their employment. [...]


FEB '20

Employers' liability insurance in Cyprus

With this article, Pitsas Insurances aims to provide its readers with the most essential information about the purpose and features of employers' liability insurance in Cyprus. In accordance with the Legislation of the Republic of Cyprus, starting from 01.01.1997, all the employers operating in Cyprus are required to conclude an Employer’s Liability Insurance Contract with an authorized licensed insurance agency. It is the employer's responsibility to check whether the insurance agency with which the Insurance Contract is concluded is authorized. [...]

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