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SEP '22

What does Critical Illness Insurance Cover? Everything You Need to Know

Critical illness insurance covers severe medical conditions and critical illnesses mentioned in the policy. This form of insurance covers everything related to the disease’s diagnosis and treatment, such as doctor visits, medicine purchases, treatment costs, hospital bills, etc. Pitsas Insurances provides two CI insurance policies. Our basic package covers the most common health conditions, including heart attack, cancer, organ transplantation, kidney failure, and more. The premium package covers all these conditions plus 26 more. [...]


DEC '21

What is critical illness insurance? Critical Illness insurance in Cyprus in 2022

Critical illnesses are life-threatening illnesses that can cause significant damage to your life and health, Critical illness insurance offers you financial compensation if you are diagnosed with a medical condition or critical illness covered under the policy. It is a tax-free, one-time lump sum payment that covers your entire treatment, should you need it. When purchasing a critical illness policy, you must decide for how long the cover will last. [...]


AUG '21

Critical Illness (FAQ)

Nobody likes to think of the worst case scenario, but the truth is that serious illnesses have become a part of reality for many people around the world. Though lesser known than Life or Health Insurance, in the event of a major health emergency, Critical Illness insurance might be the only thing standing between you and financial ruin. 1.What is Critical Illness Insurance? In short, Critical Illness insurance will provide you with a lump sum of money should you be diagnosed with certain long-term and serious conditions such as a heart attack or stroke, or diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease. [...]

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