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NOV '18

Cyprus citizenship through investments

   The Cyprus economy in the past few decades has been an ideal environment model for foreign investments. In order to encourage foreign direct investments in recent years, the Cyprus government has launched a special program allowing non-Europeans to be able to apply for a Cypriot Passport through investment or business ventures. As a citizen of a European state, the holder of a Cyprus passport will be able to enjoy the benefits of European interior market, such as free movement of goods, services and capital along with the ease of living permanently in any EU country, as well as the visa-free access to 147 different countries worldwide. [...]


APR '18


Since 2008, has launched a first-class crisis on the Cypriot economy and society with the bankruptcy of a Cypriot bank Laiki in March 2013. This was the priming for the deterioration of the country's living standards with chain influences such as rising unemployment and deduction of the national income of the country as a result the corrosion of the social structure. The European Union and the International Monetary Fund, looking at the unprecedented expansion of the Cyprus banking system, the heavy fiscal deficit and the increase in the country's public debt, decided that the public sector and the banking system should be upgraded. [...]


MAR '18

Is 2018 the year of the next global financial crisis?

For Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, the next financial crisis is just inevitable. During an interview on February 2018 hosted by the on-line social platform Reddit, Mr. Gates claimed that a global financial crisis similar to that triggered by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brother in September 2007 should be expected in the following two years. But which are the reasons behind Mr. Gates pessimism? The Dow Jones Industrial average, the main stock index of the USA stock market, has increased by more than 65% in the last five years (2018), indicating a strong investor’s trust in the economic prospects of the global economy. [...]

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