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SEP '22

Commercial General Liability Insurance in 2022: A Complete Guide

Commercial general liability insurance is a form of business insurance that offers coverage against claims of injury, property damage, and illness filed against your organization. It mainly comes in handy to cover claims filed by members of the public against your business. These claims could be as severe as a child hurting themselves with a defective toy you sold. Or they could be as benign as you accidentally spilling tea over a client's laptop. [...]


SEP '22

Retroactive Insurance Coverage: What is Retroactive Coverage?

Retroactive insurance coverage refers to cover for services undertaken before the policy start date. It determines the earliest point in time from which the insurance cover applies. Any losses or incidents that occurred before this point won’t be covered by your policy. Having said that, some policies give you the option to purchase retroactive insurance to get a cover for losses incurred before a specific date. Here’s what we’ll discuss in this article: [...]


AUG '22

Commercial Crime Insurance in 2022

Purchasing commercial crime insurance should be the top priority of every organization. Especially those in which employees handle financial transactions and records. Or in which employees are trusted with copyright material, valuable client property, and sensitive documents. A commercial crime policy protects organizations against various crimes, such as employee dishonesty, computer fraud, ransom or extortion, cyber-attacks, counterfeit money, and more. Having commercial crime insurance could thus help companies avoid potentially huge losses. [...]


MAR '22

Business Insurance for small and medium-sized businesses

What is business insurance? Business insurance is a product with which you can preserve your capital and continue operations without financial loss. Suppose you've created your life's work, built up a good customer base, and are creating competition for other companies. In that case, it's worth taking care that it doesn't collapse in an instant due to unforeseen circumstances. Of course, many young entrepreneurs try to save their own money and don't believe there could be a fire, an accident, or someone cheating on their money. [...]


DEC '21

What is Business Insurance?

Business insurance is a comprehensive insurance contract that protects a company from losses and damages that may arise in the course of its business activities. This article is available in Russian at the following link: Что такое бизнес-страхование? Pitsas Insurances Cyprus, Limassol


AUG '21

Business Insurance (FAQ)

Whether you're just thinking of starting your own business or you already own one, it can feel exciting and daunting at the same time, since you are investing both your time and money and need your venture to go well. To protect your investment, business insurance can offer you coverage that will protect you when the unexpected occurs. 1.Why do I need insurance for my business? Starting your own business always entails some degree of risk, and as an entrepreneur you need to make sure your company's assets are protected. [...]


AUG '21

Money Insurance

From profits to costs, monetary transactions affect every area and are crucial for business operations. If your business regularly handles large amounts of cash, however, you definitely need to consider how it would be affected should that money be lost or stolen. No matter how careful you are, there is always a risk when you transfer funds, whether that is through cheques, postal orders, drafts or cash. A Money Insurance policy can help set your mind at ease. [...]


AUG '21

Crime Insurance

The word 'crime' is one that rings differently for each person, especially when it comes to business. While businesses only used to be in danger of in-person theft and robbery in the past, that was slowly overtaken by white collar crime events and in the more recent years, cyber crime. No matter the size, territory and business sector, however, all organisations are vulnerable to risk of fraud. Fraud can take many forms - the theft or unauthorised transfer of cash, stocks, or other assets; forgery or alteration of negotiable instruments; receipt of counterfeit currency; computer hacking and related cyber fraud - and can continue for many years before it is discovered, often causing devastating damage to your business and its reputation. [...]

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