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Apr '19

Seven new bills for stiffer traffic penalties

Thousands of euros are spent by Cypriots according to the latest police statistics on fines for road traffic offenses each year. A package of 8 laws passed by the Council of Ministers significantly increases fines for road traffic offenses. The 7 amending bills and the draft Regulations approved by the Cabinet provide an increase in the extra-judicial fine from € 85 to € 300 in case of using a mobile phone while driving, but also for driving without a safety belt or helmet, and the same applies to the violation light signal. [...]


Jun '17

Car Accidents in Cyprus

According to the World Health Organization, more than 1.2 million people around the world die because of road accidents. This makes them a leading cause of preventable death globally, especially among young people. In the European Union alone, more than 26,000 people died on the roads in 2015, while Cyprus in particular topped the charts for the biggest increase in the number of fatal accidents that year. While the European Commission has adopted an ambitious Road Safety Programme that aims to drastically cut the number of road deaths by 2020, are those measures enough? [...]


Jun '17

What you should do in case of a car accident

Firstly, help any injured and subsequently help the police authorities in their efforts to collect data regarding the scene of the accident. Write down names and phone numbers of any witnesses and the registration numbers of any cars leaving the scene of the accident, even if they were not immediately involved. Remain Calm Think rationally, remain calm and avoid involvement in any kind of dispute. Remember that vituperation (verbal abuse) is a pecuniary offence. [...]


Jun '17

Renew your road tax

ROAD TAX (CIRCULATION LICENSE) CYPRUS Road Tax is due in January or June each year and is charged based on the vehicle’s engine size, unladen weight and whether it uses petrol or diesel. How to renew your Road Tax (Circulation License). The most effective and quickest way to renew your Road Tax is online. Below we provide the link to the website you can do this, the, where you will be required to log on or register with your e-mail and a password. [...]

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