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JUN '22

Car Insurance Deductible: What is a Deductible in Car Insurance?

What is a car insurance deductible? It is the amount you must pay whenfiling an insurance claim. For instance, if your standard deductible is €400 and your repair bill is €3,000, you’ll have to pay €400, with the insurance company paying the remainder. Bear in mind that the deductible only applies under certain conditions. For instance, you must pay it when you or someone who is covered by your insurance is driving your vehicle, and you or they have caused the accident. [...]


SEP '21

The procedure for use and exchange of foreign driving licenses in Cyprus

Foreigners arriving in Cyprus can drive vehicles using a valid international driving license or national driving license, provided that this license is valid for the class of the vehicle they wish to drive. However, after a certain period of time, the driving license of most foreign countries must be replaced with a Cypriot driving license. Use of a foreign driving license in Cyprus In terms of use and exchange, foreign driving licenses can be divided into 3 categories: [...]


AUG '21

How to Choose Car Insurance

Insuring your car is required by law and while it constitutes a significant expense that many justifiably try to reduce, even a minor accident can soon make us realise how important insurance can be. Despite that, most of us wait until the last few days before it expires to do some research, and that is usually only related to car insurance prices. In most cases, this is hardly enough to help us realise if we've got the right coverage for us. [...]


JUL '21

Traffic Laws - Violations, Penalties and Penalty Points

In this article by Pitsas Insurance, you can find a list of punishable traffic violations, as well as the corresponding penalties and fines which are then applied by the Cyprus Police to offenders. This list is not an exhaustive one but can serve as a guide for the most common and frequently occurring violations and their consequences. Before reading further, we would like to emphasize that the frequency in which offenses are taking place on the roads, around the world and particularly in Cyprus, has become quite serious in recent years. [...]


MAY '21

24-hour road assistance to the driver (CNP)

If you need road assistance or assistance in an accident, call 77778283 The “Road Assistance” service is provided to our customers free of charge, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in all territories controlled by the Republic of Cyprus. The service is provided by a special provider company (Road Service). The roadside assistance includes towing, wheel replacement, assistance in case of lost keys or lack of fuel, solving battery problems, minor on-site repairs and tow truck services (for more details on the road assistance conditions see thelink). [...]


MAY '21

24-hour road assistance to the driver (AIG)

If you need road assistance or assistance in an accident, call 22435510 Road assistance is provided to our customers free of charge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on the public roads of the Republic of Cyprus, and in the territory controlled by the British Armed Forces (British military bases). Road assistance will be provided by the partner company (Road Service) in cases where the vehicle is immobilized due to mechanical or electrical breakdown, accident, fuel/oil/water leakage, punctured tires and getting locked out. [...]


MAY '21

What is included in the 24/7 road assistance (CNP)

For road assistance call 77778283 As a part of the of the “Road Assistance” service, the company cooperating with us – the service provider (Road Service) - may perform the following actions: 1.Vehicle towing If your vehicle has stopped due to mechanical/electrical, our specialists will arrive on site to have it repaired as soon as possible with just one phone call. 2.Tire change If your vehicle is immobilized due to a flat tire, our technicians will replace the tire on site, or take you to the nearest garage for repair. [...]


MAY '21

Definizioni di assicurazione: tutto ciò che i conducenti devono sapere

E’ importante comprendere le definizioni di assicurazioni di auto e dei tipi di copertura in modo tale da proteggersi quando occorre. Molti guidano auto, ma quanto sono davvero a conoscenza della loro assicurazione e della loro copertura? E’ importante possedere un’assicurazione auto per autotutelarsi durante la guida, oltre a proteggerti inoltre, questa è garante del rimborso in caso di perdita o incidente, stabilito da una legge. Se, ad esempio, durante la guida si è distratti si investe un pedone, l’assicurazione garantisce il pagamento totale del danno. [...]


APR '21

The МОТ test: governmental vehicle inspection

Each vehicle must be regularly inspected (usually once a year or every two years) to get a confirmation from an authorized institution that all its components are kept in good condition. Depending on the vehicle category, this inspection must be held by the Center of Technical Inspection of Common Use Vehicles (KEMO), or by the Center of Technical Inspection of Private Vehicles (I.K.T.E.O.). The technical inspection that was mentioned above, as well as the I. [...]


JAN '20

The main types of motor insurance in Cyprus

What are the three main motor insurance contracts in Cyprus and what they cover in brief: Third Party Liability This insurance is obligatory by law. In case you get involved in an accident with another driver, it exclusively covers the other driver’s expenses. It also allows you to drive other vehicles of the same type, as well as offer road assistance and autohelp when needed. Other drivers of the vehicle and the passengers are covered too in the event of an accident. [...]


JAN '20

Claims procedure in case of a car accident

If you are involved in an accident with or without the participation of other drivers, you need to follow these steps: Don’t leave the scene of the accident. Immediately call the Road Service (Road Assistance Service) and the insurance company (you can find its phone number on your insurance policy or the information leaflet from your insurance company or agent). Wait for your insurance company representative to arrive. The company representative will come to photograph the scene of the accident and record the information about the accident based on your testimony. [...]


JAN '20

Documents required for motor insurance

  Phone number (Cypriot and international) (Note 1) Email address (Note 1) Utility Bill (electricity, water or telephone) Copy of national driver's license, Cypriot or international. Both the photo page and the page with the type of vehicles the driver is allowed to drive need to be photographed. (Note 2) Passport copy Title deed copy (Note 3) Certificate from previous insurance companies for the last 5 years (Note 4) [...]


APR '19

Seven new bills for stiffer traffic penalties

Thousands of euros are spent by Cypriots according to the latest police statistics on fines for road traffic offenses each year. A package of 8 laws passed by the Council of Ministers significantly increases fines for road traffic offenses. The 7 amending bills and the draft Regulations approved by the Cabinet provide an increase in the extra-judicial fine from € 85 to € 300 in case of using a mobile phone while driving, but also for driving without a safety belt or helmet, and the same applies to the violation light signal. [...]


JUN '17

Car Accidents in Cyprus

According to the World Health Organization, more than 1.2 million people around the world die because of road accidents. This makes them a leading cause of preventable death globally, especially among young people. In the European Union alone, more than 26,000 people died on the roads in 2015, while Cyprus in particular topped the charts for the biggest increase in the number of fatal accidents that year. While the European Commission has adopted an ambitious Road Safety Programme that aims to drastically cut the number of road deaths by 2020, are those measures enough? [...]


JUN '17

What you should do in case of a car accident

In case of an accident, you need to take a number of steps that will insure the safety of those around you, keep your actions within the law and start the process of reviewing the insurance claim. Step 1. Help the victims Examine yourself and others for injuries. If someone is injured as a result of an accident CALL EMERGENCY SERVICES AT 112 or ask somebody else to do it. [...]


JUN '17

Road tax Cyprus 2022. How to renew your road tax

ROAD TAX CYPRUS 2022 Road (transport) tax is calculated depending on the volume (CC) of the engine, the weight of the vehicle, the type of fuel it uses, it's age and the volume of emissions of harmful substances into the environment. The proof of payment of tax is a road license, which indicates the date of its issue and the month of expiry (see the photo below).   How to renew your road tax: Circulation License (or road tax) can be renewed throughout the year online, at banks, citizen service centers, district post offices, as well as at the district offices of the Road Transport Department of the Ministry of Transport of Cyprus. [...]


JUN '17

Frequently asked questions: Motor Insurance

1. In which cases do you offer full (comprehensive) vehicle insurance (CASCO)? Our company accepts clients' applications for full insurance for any type of vehicle and then, after careful consideration of each case, decides whether to accept or not accept that particular risk. The main information that we take into account in such cases is: confirmed driving experience and driving experience in Cyprus or in countries with the same traffic rules (right-hand vehicles and left-hand navigation); the degree of vehicle use (frequent trips, increased mileage); history of accidents and insurance claims, the brand and model of the vehicle (to assess the availability of spare parts), and the engine power to determine the final performance of the vehicle. [...]

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