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AUG '21

Group Insurance

In today's competitive climate, what is it that makes a company stand out from the rest? What can it do to ensure it attracts and retains high-caliber employees? There is perhaps no better way for employers to demonstrate they care for their employees than to offer them group insurance schemes. Group insurance provides coverage for groups of employees at a company or members of an organisation at a more affordable price than individual medical policies. [...]


JUL '21

Group Insurance (FAQ)

When employees need to take time off due to health issues, it may have a major impact on your business. Group Health insurance is designed to help people get back to work as quickly and effectively as possible. 1.What is Group Health Insurance? Group health insurance provides quality healthcare coverage to the employees in a business or organisation. It is designed specifically around the needs and requirements of employees and covers any hospitalisation expenses they may incur, as well as various other healthcare costs defined in the policy. [...]


OCT '17

Benefits of our Group Insurance Policies

In Pitsas Insurances we offer an excellent range of options for corporate groups. For small groups especially, we offer discounted prices, flexibility about their choice of benefits, and preferential underwriting terms. We are often asked ‘what is your minimum size for an employee group?’.  We can actually set up a group scheme with just a single employee.  Why would this be of interest to a company? Firstly, the premium will be at a small discount to the price which would be paid by an individual (non-group) applicant. [...]

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