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JUN '23

Personal Accident Insurance in Cyprus in 2023. Best personal accident insurance in Cyprus.

Personal accident insurance in Cyprus Personal accident insurance is an essential product for businessmen and self-employed people. This type of insurance can provide a steady source of income for the insured if they become temporarily or permanently unable to work. In this guide about personal accident insurance, we will explain the types available to you in Cyprus and what they cover in detail to help you find the correct insurance. [...]


JUL '22

What is Personal Accident Insurance? Personal Accident Insurance in Cyprus in 2023

Personal accident insurance is a type of insurance that offers you financial compensation should you suffer an accident that leads to injury, disablement, or death. One of its main benefits is that it is applicable everywhere in the world, meaning that unlike many other types of insurances, you will be covered no matter where the accident happens. Three types of events are covered by personal accident insurance. These include temporary disability, permanent disability, and death. [...]


JUL '21

Personal Accident Insurance (FAQ)

Accidents are a part of life and may happen at any time, but they may also leave you unable to work and provide for your loved ones. A Personal Accident Insurance policy may help you get back on your feet.   1.How is an accident defined? An accident can be any sudden, unintended external event which might cause an individual bodily harm and lead to a temporary or permanent physical disability or death. [...]

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