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JUN '23

Boat insurance in Cyprus in 2023. Best boat insurance in Cyprus.

Boat insurance in Cyprus A boat insurance policy can protect you against liability and damages in the event of a boating accident, including injuries to a third party or damage to someone else’s property. Boat insurance can cover many types of watercraft, such as sailboats, motorboats, jet boats, and inflatable boats, regardless of their use (private or commercial). In this guide to boat insurance in Cyprus, we will discuss what it is, what it covers, when you might need it, and various coverage options. [...]


AUG '21

Watercraft Insurance FAQ

Whether you're a boat, yacht or pleasure craft owner, the importance of having it properly insured cannot be stressed enough.  1.What do Boat Insurance policies usually cover? The vessel's value and size, as well as where and how you use your boat will usually determine the kind of coverage you need. The types of loss you want to be insured for can also determine your policy terms. Liability insurance, for example, will cover the boat owner for damage caused to other boats or injuries caused to others. [...]


JUL '21

Boat insurance

If you own or operate a boat, yacht or another marine vessel, marine insurance can cover your risks of loss, damage, theft or breakdown of your vessel, harm to its passengers, as well as costs associated with causing harm to the health and property of third parties as a result of an accident. In this article we would like to tell you about the main parameters and features of marine insurance that you may encounter in the process of choosing the insurance policy you need. [...]

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