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JUL '22

Marine Cargo Insurance in Cyprus in 2022: everything you need to know

The word ‘marine’ in marine cargo insurance is a misnomer. It indicates to the uninitiated that this type of insurance only covers goods transported by water. Where in reality, marine cargo insurance covers goods being shipped by sea, air, road, or any other mode of transportation. Marine cargo insurance is a must-have for cargo owners, shipping corporations, and ship owners to protect their interests. Furthermore, in most cases, the export contracts require the exporter to obtain marine cargo insurance. [...]


JUL '21

Marine Cargo Insurance (FAQ)

While the word 'marine' inevitably conjures up images of the sea, Marine Cargo insurance is not restricted to the movement of cargo across the seas.  1.What is Marine Cargo Insurance? In simple terms, it is the insurance of property from any loss or damages it may incur as it moves from place to place. While the name of the policy based on the Marine Insurance Act 1906 does specifically refer to 'marine losses' and 'maritime perils', since international travel ofter requires the use of more than one type of transport to ensure the cargo reaches its destination, Marine Cargo insurance also makes provisions for aircraft, road, and rail vehicles. [...]

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