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AUG '21

Public Liability Insurance (FAQ)

In a world where public health and safety are becoming more and more a priority, if your work requires you to work with members of the public, whether that is on site, in other people's homes or your own premises, public liability insurance is essential. 1.What is Public Liability Insurance? Public Liability is a type of business insurance that covers businesses across industries if a client or member of the public claims to have been injured or had property damaged due to their activities. [...]


AUG '21

Public Liability Insurance - What is it and Who Needs it

If you are a business owner who likes to think ahead, you will want to be prepared for any eventuality, especially if your line of business requires you to deal with people on a daily basis. Accidents inevitably happen, and when they do, Public Liability insurance can be the only thing protecting you from the sometimes unbearable costs of legal claims against you. Public liability is a type of business insurance designed to protect and cover businesses across industries should a client or member of the public claim to have been injured or had their property damaged because of your business activities. [...]

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