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AUG '21

What is keyman insurance

A company's greatest asset is undoubtedly its staff. While every person plays an important role in a business though, there are always certain members of staff whose absence could be highly detrimental to the company's success. This is why a Keyman or Key person insurance policy may be the greatest investment you could make. Keyman insurance is an insurance policy specifically designed to help a business recover in case it loses a key person who is considered invaluable for its running and growth. [...]


JUL '21

Keyman Insurance (FAQ)

Would your business survive if a key member of staff suddenly passed away? This is probably the worst-case scenario for most, but it is a fact that the sudden death or long-term absence of a vital employee could be destructive for a company's success. This is where Keyman insurance comes in.   1.What is Keyman insurance?  Keyman or key person insurance is purchased by a business in order to insure the life of who they consider their most valuable employees. [...]

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