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MAY '23

Health Insurance in Cyprus in 2023. A complete guide.

Health Insurance Cyprus Health insurance can financially protect you in an acute or emergency situation, but what is it, and how does health insurance work in Cyprus? In this guide to health insurance plans in Cyprus, we will cover everything you need to know. We will assess the types of health insurance – their benefits and help you compare insurance plans to find the best health insurance in Cyprus. [...]


APR '23

Medical insurance in Cyprus in 2023. Best medical insurance in Cyprus.

Medical Insurance Cyprus Medical insurance provides you with a financial safety net in acute situations and critical emergencies, but how can it benefit you, and what does medical insurance cover in Cyprus? In this guide to medical insurance plans, we will examine what you need to know to make the best insurance purchase. We will assess the types of medical insurance available and their benefits to help you find the best medical insurance in Cyprus. [...]


SEP '22

Does Insurance Cover Medical Marijuana?

Does insurance cover medical marijuana? The short answer is no. Most insurance companies – whether public or private – won’t pay for medical marijuana recommendations. That means you don’t have much choice but to pay for your medical cannabis out-of-pocket. This might seem confusing given that 37 states have already legalized the use of medical marijuana. But it is true. Cannabis is a Schedule 1 drug at the national level, meaning the federal law handles cannabis as a substance that could be abused or cause addiction. [...]


DEC '21

Cyprus Health System

Cyprus health system is divided into the public and private sectors. The public health insurance system is regulated by the Ministry of Health and is funded by taxes. Pitsas Insurances Cyprus, Limassol  


JUL '21

Health insurance: pre-existing conditions

At Pitsas Insurances we strive to provide our clients with extended coverage at the best possible prices. Therefore, we have concluded cooperation agreements not only with Cypriot, but also with the largest international insurance companies. The conditions that make our contracts especially attractive are the coverage of the costs of an ophthalmologist and dentist, as well as coverage of the costs of up to €1,800 for Chinese medicine and up to € 6,000 for physiotherapy. [...]


JAN '20

General Healthcare System and Private Insurance

What is GHS and how does it affect private insurance? The General Healthcare System (GHS or GESY) is an independent insurance fund through which clinics, private doctors, pharmacists, laboratories, microbiological laboratories, and physiotherapists are paid so that they can offer medical care to permanent residents of Cyprus who are paying contributions to this fund. On 1st of June 2019, the first phase of the project had been implemented with the provision of coverage for out-patient care expenses [medicines, laboratory tests, imaging tests (Scans, x-rays, CTs, MRIs)]. [...]


JAN '20

Medical Insurance: the procedure required for claims in case of medical expenses

This brief article is meant to describe the correct procedure you need to go through in order to properly claim your medical expenses when you have medical insurance. It must be noted that the procedure differs depending on the kind of expenses (inpatient, outpatient), as well as the kind of insurance company you have a contract with (Cypriot or international). In either case, you are free to select the doctor and clinic of your liking in Cyprus or abroad. [...]


MAY '18

Do you insure people with diabetes?

We come across this question extremely often and in this article, we will try to give an insight into the way we assess this type of cases.   The main answer we have is that we do not adjust our regular premiums for new clients in order to include cover for pre-existing medical conditions. When a client discloses some medical conditions on the Full Medical Underwriting Application Form, our underwriters will assess the information and make a decision. [...]


APR '18

Limitations for expatriates insurance

In Pitsas Insurances our commitment is to be able provide medical insurance services to locals and expatriates in Cyprus. Nevertheless, as many customers have noticed our international medical insurance plans have some limitations regarding the expatriates with permanent residence outside Cyprus. This has to do with the insurance regulations in the countries of the expatriates. Firstly, there are certain countries with insurance regulations which require all residents to have medical insurance, but where there are very specific features the medical insurance must have. [...]


APR '18

Limitations of Area of Cover

Our clients can purchase our plans with a geographical Area of Cover which is not fully ‘Worldwide’, e.g. ‘Europe’ or ‘Worldwide excluding USA’. Those clients have chosen to restrict their core medical benefits to a specified Area. However, they enjoy a special ‘bonus’ benefit which is ‘Out of Area’ cover. This will cover them for emergency in-patient medical treatment during any trips outside their chosen Area (for example to the USA), up to a maximum annual value of €60,000 and for up to 42 nights per year. [...]


APR '18

Why we choose ALC Health?

Many of our clients ask about the insurance industry rankings and why we chose to cooperate with specific international medical insurance providers, such as ALC Health. Unfortunately, there are not any official published statistics from any of the international medical insurers, for this reason the task of our team and its advisers was extremely difficult. Nevertheless, we are keen to provide a short insight about our choices. The reason why we chose to cooperate with ALC Health are: [...]


JUN '17

Why Medical Insurance is essential in Cyprus?

Nobody really plans on getting sick or hurt; people tend to forget there is a possibility of things like that happening until they actually happen. Unfortunately, getting quality healthcare can be very costly, which means it could become a massive financial burden for both the patient and his/her family. This is why medical insurance is absolutely essential if you want to be at ease about any possible issue that should arise. [...]


JUN '17

Medical Insurance (FAQ)

How does medical insurance work? Medical insurance typically covers an insured’s medical expenses in cases of illness, disease or accidental bodily injury. In some cases, the insurance company will pay for medical expenses upfront, but the insured may have to pay upfront in other cases. In that case, once the insured has provided the insurance company with the medical invoices and receipts, they will be compensated. What does medical insurance cover? [...]

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