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JUL '23

Term life insurance in Cyprus in 2023. A complete guide to term life insurance in Cyprus.

Term Life Insurance Cyprus Buying life insurance can be a lifeline in protecting your partner and children from the potentially life-altering financial losses that could arise if something unexpected happened to you. Life insurance provides a family with financial security and helps to pay for debts; living expenses; medical fees, and final expenses. Term life is the simplest form of life insurance available in Cyprus. It is an inexpensive option to acquire life insurance benefits and still achieve your financial aims. [...]


JUL '23

Whole life insurance in Cyprus in 2023. A complete guide for whole life insurance.

Whole life insurance in Cyprus Buying life insurance can be a lifeline for you and your loved ones. It protects your dependents (spouse and children) from significant financial losses that could result if something unexpected happened to you. It provides financial security and helps to pay off mortgages, living expenses, such as tuition for your children, and any medical or final expenses. Whole life insurance is more than simple life insurance since it also helps you save money for your pension or a rainy day. [...]


JUN '23

Life insurance in Cyprus in 2023. A complete guide.

Life Insurance Cyprus Life insurance protects your spouse and children from the likelihood of serious financial losses that could result if something unforeseen happened to you. It provides financial security and helps to pay for debts, living costs, and medical or final expenses. Various types of life insurance policies are provided in Cyprus, but the most popular are term and whole life insurance. In Cyprus, the life insurance premiums of policies are significantly lower than in other European countries. [...]


DEC '21

Interesting facts about life and health insurance

This article is available in Russian at the following link: Интересные факты о страховании жизни и здоровья Director of Pitsas Insurances, Antonis Theofanus December 14, 2021 Limassol, Cyprus


AUG '21

Life Insurance (FAQ)

Our loved ones are always a priority in our life. If you are worried about what would happen to those surviving you in case of death, getting Life Insurance should be a priority to ensure the ones you leave behind are at least financially secure. 1.What is life insurance? A life insurance policy is a contract between the policyholder and the insurer, wherein the latter promises to provide your beneficiaries with a sum of money upon your death, or pay off an existing mortgage. [...]


AUG '21

Life and health insurance: what will not be covered by your insurance policy?

In our work we are often faced with questions from the clients about the exclusions present in their life and health insurance policies. As sane people they are absolutely sure that every rule has at least one exclusion, and no protection in the world (including insurance) can be absolute. Our clients want to know exactly what will happen to their insurance coverage in a given situation, and our duty is to provide them with complete and comprehensive information on this issue. [...]


MAY '21

Life insurance: main types and key aspects

Life insurance is a personal insurance that allows to receive a material compensation in case of unforeseen events such as accidents, illness or death of an insured person. All expenses will be compensated by the insurance company, so in some cases life insurance can be considered as a good way to increase an income. Life insurance consists of 2 groups: classic life insurance and endowment or mixed life insurance. 1) Classic life insurance (also known as "classic risk insurance") refers to simple insurance policies against an accident (death or disability) or any other specific event determined by an insurance contract. [...]


JUN '17

10 Reasons to insure Your Life

We all try hard to materialize our dreams, accomplish our aims, create a safe environment for those we love, and achieve a high standard of living. The path to the future and economic success is full of challenges, opportunities, and dangers. Life insurance is the optimum solution for the protection of your family Life insurance is the most important insurance program as it ensures sufficient monetary capital to the legitimate heirs in the case of a loss of life. [...]

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